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  1. solippy, jps001, Intense-Dakota and others. There is no need to hire anyone to do such a small change. You just need to edit 2 files and that's it. In order to make it visual I created a github repository with the 5.03 version of the Feedermachine (hope Lech has nothing against it) and then added the availability attribute. Here it is: All changes are tested and are working great.
  2. Shin, natacha, are you sure you have correct SHA signs configured?
  3. Hello, Wanze. The answer to both of your questions is "Yes".
  4. I got message by clicking on any link. looks like mod_rewrite is not working correctly. Please help.
  5. Thanks, I already downloaded 3alpha
  6. Can I get a zip (not CVS) ?
  7. Nothing strange. The Zen 1.3 (which is proud of its' css orientation) also has tables (e.g. Shopping Cart)