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  1. simplytaty

    Updated Roadmap

    Yes, it's very frustrating not having any idea when this might become usable on live site. would love to try some of the features.
  2. Hi everyone So here is the deal. I had Paypal Express Api working fine, they installed Google checkout, which worked too, but because of the shipping issues with Google Checkout I decided to disable it until I could work on it. Immediatelly after, when using Paypal xpress I would get: The webpage at https://mydomain.com/catalog/ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. I tried re-enabling google checkout, re-installing Paypal Express, Uninstallign and re-installing everything, re-uploading the paypal page, nothing works. Any ideas? PLEASE ?
  3. simplytaty

    Graphical Borders

    Great contribution. Saved me a lot of time. Thank you so much :)
  4. simplytaty

    Which Payment Option should I use

    If you use something like Authorize.net they won't need to input the information again.
  5. simplytaty

    Attribute Qty Product Info

    Hi Jack Thank you for the reply. The SKU is the product code. For example, if I have coffee with code 123456 and add attributes: gift wrapped and fine ground I need to have gift wrapped be code #123654 and fine ground be code # 321456. Can that be done?
  6. simplytaty

    Attribute Qty Product Info

    Hi there Ready to try this contribuition, but one question I am still confused about. I need each attribute to have a different SKU. Will this contribution allow me to do that? Thanks a lot for all your help and work.
  7. From the admin I see an option for the free shipping but only over a certain amount, nothing that leads to selecting a product as the qualifier. Please help :)
  8. Sorry to bother you again, but i have been lookign for that. Is that a contribution or are you using admin? That would be soooo helpful.
  9. How did you make the product the qualifier for the free shipping?
  10. simplytaty

    Export orders into csv

    Hi Dlan Thank you so much, great contribuition. One question, actually two. I need to adf the type of shipping (expedited or standard) and total of the order to the download. Any resources on how to do that? Thanks a bunch.
  11. simplytaty

    Add Shipping Methods

    Hi Do you only want to change the flat fee to something else? Go to admin > modules > shipping > Flat fee and change it to whatever you want. No need to change the pages themselves.
  12. simplytaty

    CSV Contribution help

    Hi there I have been using the contribution Export Order into CSV ( http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4181 ) and it has been working beautifully, but the company I need to send this information to requested that I add another field and that I added the word PROD before the products so their software couyld import them to the right fields. I have tried a few things and none of them work. Any ideas? Please help. Thanks you so much.
  13. simplytaty

    Processing in site

    Hi, I need to find a way to either process the credit cards myself or to send the information to a fulfillment center. Does anyone have any idea how to do that? Thank you
  14. simplytaty

    Fulfillment Center

    Hi everyone We need to have the orders sent by ftp to a fulfillment center. Anyone has a clue on how to do that? Any help would be most greatly appreciated.