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  1. Hi i have tried many times to get responses via the forum but no luck so forgive me for this comment but here is my post


  2. Please disregard my comment I am in error. My copy of the file somehow became corrupted. I replaced the file and it is fine.

    Thank you for the excellent work.


  3. There is an error in your manual for Option Type Feature.

    for includes/classes/shopping_cart.php it the Find and Replace fields are the same for:


    FIND: (around line 128)

    if (tep_session_is_registered('customer_id')) tep_db_query("update " . TABLE_CUSTOMERS_BASKET . " set customers_basket_quantity = '" .

  4. Hi Everyone I just wanted to know if anyone is interested in the changes I have made to this contribution. I haven't added it on the contributions page yet because I am not sure that all will welcome the changes made. They are what I felt needed to be done to make this fully workable. 1. I made the price column to be inclusive of VAT and allow a VAT inclusive price to be entered. I did not use the contribution that has two columns. This is all done using one. The VAT is hardcoded for UK and does not use the tax-rate variable of osCommerce. So, this contribution will only work for UK shops that use VAT on all products. Because of the way this contribution works combined with the above VAT change the code thinks that every single price has changed, so updating will update every single price at once (regardless of it you have made changes.. it just overwrites the same value). To offset this, I added checkbox next to the price column. Ticking this will allow the price to be updated for that product and any that are not ticked will not be updated (only applicable for price.. the rest of the columns work as normal) 2. I fixed the manufacturing drop down bug to allow products with no manufacturers to appear. The changes are similar to the ones supplied above but are created for new shops so that it works on all. 3. I expanded the boxes for the product and model name so that you can see all the text. 4. I removed the code for the margin increases. I am not a big lover of anything that globally changes a value and especially one as critical as prices. If anyone wants this contribution, I'll add it to the contributions page be take note of what is above. It will only work for the UK shops that use VAT. I am willing to explain how I made the changes if anyone wants just the code. I'll simply explain what needs to be adjusted in order to achieve what you need. That way you can make changes suitable for your store. Cheers Steve
  5. PD_Steve

    More Google Check-Out Installation Confusion

    Use your phpmyadmin to install that script. Open your database in phpmyadmin and select the SQL tab. Paste the code contained in your .sql script and press go. All should work then. Incidentally, congratulations on giving up on Google Checkout. I wish I could do the same, but I am installing for a UK client who has multiple modules installed that simply do not work with Google Checkout. Why Google had to "hijack" the complete checkout process rather than allowing it to go to the end of the OsCommerce checkout process and then just process the payment is beyond me. Way more hassle than its worth and not something I would recommend to anyone.
  6. PD_Steve

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Just to add, this contribution works with both Multiple Categories and Product Option Extras installed. However, be careful when adding the modifications as some of the modifications needed by Attributes Set Plus will overwrite the code for Multiple Categories. You will need to rearrange your code in places and not add some of the requested changes for this install in other places (some of the lines your changing are actually being changed for exactly the same code (mainly to ensure your in the right place) and its right at those points that the multiple categories contribution modifcations were made). I am happy to assist anyone who has Multiple Categories installed and who also wants to use this contribution. Cheers Steve
  7. Hi Zaxxon My mistake on the install file. I missed a function during the creation of the manual install. In /includes/functions/general.php ADD before the final ?> // Decode string encoded with htmlspecialchars() function tep_decode_specialchars($string){ $string=str_replace('>', '>', $string); $string=str_replace('<', '<', $string); $string=str_replace(''', "'", $string); $string=str_replace('"', "\"", $string); $string=str_replace('&', '&', $string); return $string; } I'll update the manual installation notes accordingly. Many thanks Steve