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  1. ali_razorback

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi, I have the old version of this contribution and have been updating it myself to comply with new google regs but I need to add the MPN which I want to be the same as the Product ID. How might I go about duplicating that field? Much appreicated, thanks :)
  2. ali_razorback

    Product Listing in Columns v2.0

    Hello! Firstly - thanks to all the people who ask questions and answer them too on this board - without you I would be forever posting questions myself! I'm finally stumped though on this one problem (after having searched for the answer in the forums but to no avail...) so if anyone has any clues to this problem then I'm all ears/eyes! Would be interesting if anyone else has this problem. Let me explain: I've installed this contribution, but when using the Advanced Search box and also in the products listing page, the infobox header is appearing at the top for no apparent reason! There is nothing inside it, just the coloured background for the headers. I've been all through the various .php files and I can't see what making this happen. I've shown a screenprint below so you can see: I want to get rid of this, it looks stupid hehe. This is definitely the infobox heading and not a coloured background, as you can see (if you look reeeeaaally closely) that the rounded corners are duplicating themselves and it looks feathered at both ends. If it helps, I'm using STS v4.1. I'm guessing the problem will be solved in one of the php files that is totally unrelated to the advanced search and category listings - hope to hear back from someone! Cheers again =)