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  1. mersey01

    Supplier Admin Area Contribution

    Oh, the file that produces the error is supplier_s_categories.php?cPath=26. Also, every time that the page loads in it puts in a request to www.ideal-handlng.com. Should it be doing this?
  2. mersey01

    Supplier Admin Area Contribution

    Hi Gr8 MOD, keep up the good work! One question: Is there meant to be an extra table or field within the products table as I get this error: [color="#000000"][b]1146 - Table 'oscommerce.TABLE_ADDITIONAL_IMAGES' doesn't exist SELECT additional_images_id, popup_images, images_description FROM TABLE_ADDITIONAL_IMAGES where products_id = '72'[/b][/color] I have looked throughout the database but there is no table that refers to additional images. Hope someone can help. BTW: how far off is v1.0? Rob
  3. Thanks guys. I get confused with all these different ways of defining data.
  4. Sorted it out! In catalog/includes/classes/shipping.php around line 56 I changed: $shipping_weight = $shipping_weight + SHIPPING_BOX_WEIGHT; to: $shipping_weight = $shipping_weight; Does anyone know what file defines SHIPPING_BOX_WEIGHT?
  5. No tare weight as far as I can see. I have checked all other modules to check for interference but they are all set to defaults with nothing to do about weight. Packaging costs are 0.
  6. Hi Have just installed the contrib today in time for the changes tomorrow. A very big thanks as I would of forgot all about the price changes and been knee deep in 'stuff'. One thing I can't seem to sort out though. I have entered all the figures onto the weight tables in line with the instructions but whenever I go to checkout with, say a 0.5Kg item in my basket, the total wieght of my basket increases by 3Kg. And I don't know why? Everything was fine before I installed these. Any ideas? Rob