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  1. racingline

    Skip the first PayPal page?

    I've thought about this myslef, and think it could be if you can figure out the location of the credit form on paypals site, then change the link to address inthe paypal_ipn.php file. Again I'm only speculating. the credit page may be generated dynamically on paypals end,making it harder to forward to directly.
  2. racingline

    Strange Paypal payment - did customer change amount?

    It is a hack and very easy to do. I had a developer friend show me how it's done. takes seconds. I simply suggest that you cancel the transaction and contact the buyer telling him that the transaction is suspicious and should they try to alter the amounts again you will contact their local law enforcement and report them for fraud
  3. racingline

    table shipping issues

    NM fixed
  4. racingline

    table shipping issues

    I changed my table rate shipping to accomidate a few changes I made to my product lineup and now i'm having some issues When I do a live checkout with one of the new item, everything works properly, and the correct shipping amount is shown. if I try to checkout with 2 of the items shipping reverts back to an old value ( much cheaper) that is now longer even in the current table. any help is much appreciated. I have just the standard shipping table installed
  5. racingline

    fedex help

    fixed n/m
  6. racingline

    fedex help

    I loaded the fedex module and it works as far as quoting, but upon selecting fedex and checking out my customers as seeing this error. Data sent to Fedex for Rating: 0,"25"10,"329985601"498,"1443988"8,"on"9,"l3x1r3"117,"CA"17,"07643"16,"NJ"50,"US"75,"LBS"1116,"I"1401,"4.4"1529,"1"1415,"96.44"68,"USD"440,"N"1273,"01"1333,"3"1529,"2"99,"" Data returned from Fedex for Rating: 0,"125"1133,"1"2399-1,"0"2405-1,"Y"1273-1,"01"1274-1,"92"1090-1,"CAD"1402-1,"5.0"1416-1,"13.50"1417-1,"0.64"1418-1,"0.00"1419-1,"14.14"1530-1,"13.50"1507-1,"0.64"1531-1,"0.00"1528-1,"14.14"1525-1,"0.00"3058-1,"3"99,"" Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /mnt/w0708/d46/s39/b0288b56/www/racinglineperformance.com/store/catalog/includes/modules/shipping/fedex1.php:373) in /mnt/w0708/d46/s39/b0288b56/www/racinglineperformance.com/store/catalog/includes/functions/general.php on line 29 Can somebody help? thanks