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    Dynamic SiteMap

    Dear Jack: I just got it right. As you said: I have something non-standard: I forgot that I have defined the <li> tag's style differently for my drop down menu. :D I think it looks great now :My Site Map and I'm happy. Thank's Nique
  2. Lucky Beau

    Dynamic SiteMap

    I just installed dynamic sitemap contiribution, I got my site map but the sub categories are not listed: My Dynamic Site Map. I have the same problem with the static one: My Static (?) Site Map. I'm going to have the dynamic site map clickable from my shop's menu after it works. Would it be recommendable to clean up the static one? I have installed the google site map generator, but I cannnot find any yahoo site map generator. The site map we get from this contribution, is it doing the same job as the site map we're supposed to submit to Yahoo or MSN? Is there any contribution on yahoo sitemap generator? I know I look confused and clueless :blink: , any advice would greatly appreciated. Nique
  3. After disabling the 'includes application_bottom.php', the contribution works very nicely ... N
  4. I want to install this contribution but I'm not sure how to do it. I have copied the following files to my catalog folder: googlesitemapcategories.php googlesitemapmanufacturers.php googlesitemapproducts.php As suggested in the instruction, I tried to run those php files from my browser and got this error message: XML Parsing Error: syntax error Location: http://www.myStore.com/googleSitemapCategories.php Line Number 1, Column 62:<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> -------------------------------------------------------------^ The other two php files also give the same error messages. Also, what do I need to do after submitting the urls of those three php files to google. How would I know that the installation is successful ? I hope I can get some help or hints here. Thank you so much in advanced N
  5. Lucky Beau

    Page Cache Problems

    After I installed Page Cache contribution and enabled the contribution, I got this error: Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/$username/public_html/includes/application_bottom.php on line 113 the application_bottom.php - line 113 is: $template['breadcrumbs'] = $breadcrumb->trail(' ? '); Any suggestion is greatly appreciated pls ... Thank's in advanced N
  6. Hi Jack, I got the HTC installed nicely in my site. Now I'm just doing the tedious steps completing all the tags for every category and product. Apparently with my site, setting the tags in the index.php doesn't work. I did a little modification and have it worked through application_bottom.php and template.html. Thank's a lot for all your advices and suggestions. N
  7. YES, and all it's subtitles: page controls, text controls and and fill tags
  8. Dear Jack: Is Admin Access a section in Header Tags Controller contribution (the Install_admin.txt)? If yes, what are the steps to enable the files? I dont see any folder named Admin above configuration in my admin section. Thank you very much for responding my problem and hope to hear from you again. Ninique
  9. I thought your suggestion was to enable all the new files, so I set the permissions of all the new files to 777. I have browsed the support thread, but I cannot find any clue. Do you think that this is something to do with the $filenameInc = '../includes ? my index.php is in /public_html , whereas my admin is in /public_html/admin I got all the additional boxes in my products/categories admin site, but when I fill those out, I don't get the individual header tags. my site is www.e-beaushop.com Pls help me more .... Ninique
  10. I set the permissions of the following files to 777: catalog/includes/header_tags.php catalog/includes/languages/english/header_tags.php catalog/includes/functions/clean_html_comments.php catalog/includes/functions/header_tags.php admin/header_tags_controller.php admin/header_tags_english.php admin/header_tags_fill_tags.php admin/header_tags_popup_help.php admin/includes/functions/header_tags.php admin/includes/boxes/header_tags_controller.php admin/includes/languages/english/header_tags_controller.php admin/includes/languages/english/header_tags_popup_help.php access is still denied ... ?? Thanks in advance Ninique
  11. I just installed the Header Tags Controller. My site works fine, I see the Header Tags menu in the admin site ... but all access denied: Access Denied No Right Permission Access Please contact your Web Administrator to request more access or if you found any problem. :( :( Any help would be greatly appreciated... pls. Ninique