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    Contribution: Friendly Pricing v1.0

    Hi, thanx for your post, that helped me much and now it's my turn I hope :thumbsup: First of all, I found that there is more files to edit, here is my list of files to change p.product_price in fp.product_price: advanced_search_result.php index.php products_new.php product_reviews.php product_reviews_info.php product_reviews_write.php specials.php admin\categories.php admin\special.categories.php admin\inculdes\classes\shopping_cart.php (*product_price, not p.product_price) admin\inculdes\function\general.php includes\boxes\specials.php includes\classes\shopping_cart.php (*product_price, not p.product_price) includes\modules\news_products.php I found how to avoid this "little bug" without making null value in fixed_table because I think it's not a good solution. Simply change your code part : fp.code = '" . $HTTP_GET_VARS['currency'] . "' with this : fp.code = '" . $currency . "' Well, I have not finish all my job now but I guess that can already help.. Bye