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  1. Anybody know how to use EP to adjust inventory levels in the attributes, cap I have size 6 I have 2 : size 7 I have 4 Etc
  2. rgpayne

    EasyPopulate Help

    What I am looking for is how to set stock for the attributes with easy populate Running a Brick/mortal store and would like to run actual inventory but my items have sizes
  3. Well I was hoping I could use a wget to an http address to pull the txt file
  4. basically trying to import easy populate files I want to only upload one time to main site then have my other site run a cronjob and grab the update file ( I already have uploaded ) from my main site and update the other sites
  5. Does anyone know of a commandline or cronjob easy populate
  6. rgpayne

    CRON Automatic EasyPopulate import

    if anyone knows a solutions please post
  7. Did you get this to work I am also looking the get easy populate to run as a cronjob
  8. From a Newbie I have looked but did not get an actual opinion on the matter What is the best template System, to use BTS or STS I am converting a template monster template to a store front