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  1. pilsy2001


    Something else that i have noticed now that i have re-registered a new test account for the catalog side... With a new account it does not show the Redemptions box at all...
  2. pilsy2001


    Hi everybody, i am having some problems with this contribution on my oscommerce installation, i have Version 2.0D installed and have followed every step and tripple checked that everything is as it should be according to the .ZIP file i downloaded with the Instructions and Files in it. i have two problems with this system at the moment, 1) the redemptions box shows up but like the following, When it should say this is abit of a problem, and i cannot understand why this is happening... my second problem is on the checkout_confirmation.php page it does not deduct the Shopping points from the cart, Even if i have selected to remove 500 points or whatever from the order it still does not show up here in this page... If anyone has absolutely any ideas please please please post your possible solution/answer as i am completely stuck.
  3. pilsy2001

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    nate_02631, i am currently using a program called ISAPI rewrite to rewrite my URL's, the URL rewriting is working perfectly fine thats not where my problem is. are the links for the navigation system held in the dm_categories.php or any of the included files in this contribution? if this is the case can you please tell me how i would change the URLs (*or even point me to where i need to change) or is it just the standard OScommerce links system ?? Thanks in advance, PilsY
  4. pilsy2001

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi Guys, I am having some problems with getting the Templates to actually work on my very very heavily modified OSC MS2.2. I followed the installation instructions, i can see the admin side of things but no matter what settings i set Nothing displays in the Front end side of things. I apply all changes to catalog directory and admin directory and have all permissions setup correctly, i am using alot of mods but i would suspect that the STS system would work but make my other custom mods not work correctly??? :'( Any assistance in this will be much appreciated, :D Richard