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  1. Ok never mind, I found the fix. I changed my country ID from 223 to 1, so did I change the SQL in zipcode_validate.php. Now the report is correct. Nice work :)
  2. I installed Customer Mismatched State & Zipcode Report v2.2 on my OSC v2.2 but in the admin control panel it says no mismatched customer addresses found. I did test with a false zipcode&state match in the customer shipping address, for example: zipcode->12345, state->CO. But it says in admin reports, there is no mismatched addresses. I want to know in the file admin/zipcode_validate.php file, find the line Does this cover all the zipcodes in Colorado? or how do you define the range of zipcodes in one state? Thanks and regards
  3. kjiang

    paypal return url error

    Hi Sridhar, I came to the same problem as yours. When I chose to return from the paypal page after the transaction is done successfully, my osCommerce is asking for my username and password. I wonder if this is an issue about the openSSL preconfigured in PaypalIPN mod in the admin back office. + I am using the default PaypalIPN of osC V2.2 RC1 which comes along the original package. I don't know what OpenSSL is and how to set that up in the PaypalIPN settings, so I just left it alone. Wonder if there is any answers towards this issue. Thanks and regards
  4. Hello All, I have a OSC v2.2 RC1 installed and I am looking for a new function for my OSC. This is how it works: We have several providers. Let's say, provider A. Every month we will prepare a special code and a time limit for provider A, let's say: the code is: 3Q09JN and the time limit is from 15th - 28th of this month. We will send out a newsletter noted with the code. There is a NON-PROFIT page, when customers open that page and input the code after login. There will be a page listed of special products for our customers. By the end of this month, we will calculate all the sales done by our customers who purchase those special products with the special code and give 30% percent of the total sales to provider A. A module like that already exists in the prototype version of OSC v2.2 RC1 or can I find it somewhere from the contribution list? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.. Kjiang