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  1. cscart looks like a pro copied oscommerce and updated it to how it should be. Apart from not being so nice to make money off of others free work, it looks like its worth the money :)
  2. oh, nm, that was something else. ops
  3. Did you guys read this posting? Doesnt his advice work? The answers to your question is in this forum. With respect to your "define . . ." question, see post #24 or #57 (for a more detailed explanation). As far as showing your text in your orders, make sure you have made the modifications explained on post #171 (page 9). Now your text may still not work 100%, but that may be due to other modules you may have installed (i.e. OSC PayPal IPN). These modification, I hope, will at least get you started. Chandra's module is an awesome addition to OSC, don't give up. Good luck. ski
  4. Man this sucks, the text option was exactly what I needed and it doesnt work? I don't think I have installed a single contrib that has worked for me! :/
  5. I tried to install the header CIB and forum CIB, header had conflicts, forum, seemed to work, but no idea how to get to the forums.
  6. I get a bunch of 'conflicts' due to small changes in code from the original oscommerce. Is this contrib only good if oscommerce is a 'clean' install and isnt already modified? 'Cause I otherwise can't install anything because of these other modifications.
  7. Uh? Theres a contrib for this? Sheesh, and I been bangin my head... Know of any sites which use this so I can see how it works? Is there a discussion thread? (search func here seems rather limited :/)
  8. Well, it works anyways, just have to know what number is connected to each choice.
  9. Hello! I've been working on a little contrib which is supposed to switch pictures depending on what the user selected from the pull down menu. Like if a customer is looking at socks and choose 'blue', the picture will change to a pair of blue socks. I think I am almost done, but don't understand the function tep_draw_pull_down_menu well enough. This is my modification for it: $field .= ' onChange = switchimage("'.tep_output_string($name).'",this.options[this.selectedIndex].value)'; But I am only getting numbers with the 2nd arguement to switchimage, not the text value. I'm think the 'for' statement underneath it would help me, but not sure how. So please help me, how do I get the choices the customer selects in the pull down menu as an argument in onchange()? And here is the whole function: // Output a form pull down menu function tep_draw_pull_down_menu($name, $values, $default = '', $parameters = '', $required = false) { $field = '<select name="' . tep_output_string($name) . '"'; $field .= ' onChange = switchimage("'.tep_output_string($name).'",this.options[this.selectedIndex].value)'; // ,'.this.selectedIndex.'); // + this.options[this.selectedIndex].value."')'; $field .= '>'; if (empty($default) && isset($GLOBALS[$name])) $default = stripslashes($GLOBALS[$name]); for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($values); $i<$n; $i++) { $field .= '<option value="' . tep_output_string($values[$i]['id']) . '"'; if ($default == $values[$i]['id']) { $field .= ' SELECTED'; } $field .= '>' . tep_output_string($values[$i]['text'], array('"' => '"', '\'' => ''', '<' => '<', '>' => '>')) . '</option>'; } $field .= '</select>'; if ($required == true) $field .= TEXT_FIELD_REQUIRED; return $field; }
  10. Here are some links to sites using fec: Angele Spanish music with javascript that hides password Spice Rack with shipping information, nanas own demo site creloaded
  11. I looked at the code of some of these more developed fec sites, ie.the 'creloaded' which is also listed as a 'demo' site. The code is totally different! fec as it is in the contrib section is not ready to be downloaded and needs to update to the version everyone else seems to be running.
  12. Apparently I can search and find other posts raise the same question in this thread, but this is a big thread and I cant find the answer anywhere! :(
  13. Hello! Fec seems to make the payment process alot better, but it doesn't seem to be working as it should do. When trying to pay without wanting to create an account, it still demands that I tick 'create account' box. Even the demo site demands it too, so it can't be just me doing it wrong. ie. go to and choose the first check out option and fill in the form without clicking 'yes please, create an account for me', and it will demand that your password must be a minimum of 5 chars. But I dont want an account and thefore shouldn't need a password. Why does it do this?