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  1. ehoopman

    troubles installing zones.php

    i have version 2.1... then how do i upgrade to 2.2 ON A LIVE WEBSITE:) without breaking everything. since i need this type of shipping option.. thanks for your reply.. eric
  2. Hello All, I installed oscommerce about 5 months ago. This version for some reason didn't come with shipping module zones.php. I only had flat.php, item.php, ups.php, fedex.php, and usps.php. I want to install the new shipping modules now, but when i place them in the directory... /catalog/includes/modules/shipping i can not see them in the online admin control panel. under modules...shipping modules. So there is no chance to configure it's settings, or add it as an option upon checkout. Is there a step i am missing in making modules appear in your control panel. Thanks for your help. Eric