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    Benjjj6 got a reaction from René H4 in Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0   
    on my invoice.php, packing_slip.php and print_my_invoice.php pages I have at the top:
    How can I edit this?
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    Benjjj6 reacted to RusNN in [Contribution] Cross Sell (X-Sell) Admin   
    Version 2.7.1 uploaded.
    Fixing bug with reciprocal links. Now works this way:

    You may cross products to each other (turn on all checkboxes);
    You may choose one product and cross it to the second (turn on only first checkbox);
    You may choose one product and cross the second product to it (turn on only second checkbox).

    Freely contact me through PM.
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    Benjjj6 reacted to spooks in Anti-hacker Account Mods, Secure your account pages   
    You havent applied the sql, if there are no counties in the dbase it cant show them!!
    Set length in admin to 0, then modify language file to remove required *