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  1. Still having that authorize.net issue. Any idea where I can find the code to keep from passing $0 to authorize.net? It seems that it's OK to not enter a CC if the checkbox is selected for using a GC. However, authorize.net still receives information when the order is processed (sending the user back to the cc insert form). Any ideas? PS: Here's a little bonus: Any idea on how to add my own select list (dropdown) of shipping options? I'd like to customize my own options and rates, using my own text. The closest thing I could find was the "Zones," unfortunatly I can only see how to add one zone.
  2. Ok, I think I understand why the error is appearing: it might be because of the authorize.net problem: If you pass $0 to authorize.net then authorize.net will freak out on you and kill your first-born (in this case, killing of a first-born is equivalent to not processing an order: they both carry the same crushing feeling on my end). So.... in order for the fix to work for me (crap! I've just made this so customized that no-one else will probably need the fix), I need to disable the passthru to authorize.net should the order total <= 0. Any idea where I can find that?
  3. Ok, implemented your fix. Workes about %90. Here's what I'm facing now: BEFORE: When a customer attempted to use the checkbox for applying their GC to their oder, they were required to enter a CC number (if they skipped over that area, then the resulting page would show an error w/ CC# in red). AFTER When a customer checks the checkbox for applying the GC to their order total AND skips the CC form fields, their credit is applied and no error appears... UNTIL they reach the confirmation page. The following error appears:
  4. Here's what I've decided: Two problems: 1) Passing $0.00 to Authorize.net is causing it to return an error. 2) Users are required to enter their CC# even when order total < gift voucher amount. Solutions: 1) No solution directly, unless #2 works out 2) The code below (not really code, just my mind at work): if($gift_voucher_amount != 0){ // show redemption textfield / usage checkbox if($gift_voucher_amount >= $order_total){ // don't show CC# input box } else { // show CC# input box } } else { // show redemption textfield // show CC# input form } Ah Crap! Just thought of something else: If the user doesn't want to use the gift voucher for this purchase and would rather use their CC, the CC# field still needs to display. That brings the functions to a new area: Now we need to determine if the gift voucher balance is > or < the order total in order to determine if a CC is still required. if the gift voucher total is < than the order total, then the CC is required, and the order cannot continue until it's entered. If the gift voucher total is > the order total, then the user may continue without a CC# (some wrapper text should accompany the CC# field if the user chooses to apply the voucher to their purchase). All this is going to be dependent on whether or not the user checks the checkbox for applying the gift voucher to the purchase. Any idea where the code is that applies to the checkout_payment.php page? (I'm talking the front-end view. I know checkout_payment.php isn't really where the code resides, it's just the view I'm familiar with. *sigh*
  5. Nevermind my previous post, the 740 sort order worked (a little; about to update the db settings too). Here's the latest error: When someone is using the GV, they still are required to enter a CC. My issue is the CC shouldn't be required if the GV is > than the total order. Also, if you enter a CC (have tested on production and test w/ Authorize.net) the CC will not pass. Perhaps it's because we're sending $0.00? When not using the GV, the CC works just ducky.
  6. I've got the same error. Well, lack of error. My problems appear somewhere here: 1) When a customer purchases a Gift Voucher (in my case, GIFT100), the gift voucher appears as an item in their cart, just like any other product, and is purchased as such. All looks good so far. 2) An admin must release the GIFT100 from the admin area (discount coupons / gift vouchers) Redeem -> Confirm. All looks good so far. 3) The Gift Voucher (in this case, $100) appears in the customers shopping cart box with the following text: Voucher Balance $100.00 Send Gift Voucher. All looks good so far. 4) Here's where we enter into the darkness: When the customer with a gift voucher balance tries to checkout with items in shopping cart, there is no method to redeem (term?) the voucher amount. Problem. As the other user has asked, where is the option (I'd imagine it SHOULD be in the payment configuration area, along w/ CC, Authorize.net, On Delivery, etc) to "check-box" the voucher redemption? My installation is of the GV 5.04 (2003-7-24) and osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 (2003-7-12).