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  1. brown705

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I just went through this last week when I set up my OSC store with PayPal IPN and set them to the live servers. Apparently that auto-return mechanism does not work if you allow customers to use credit cards. If you notice, when a customer uses a credit card, the last paypal page they see is a big "sign up now" advertisement with an obvious "sign up" button and a little "return to store" link that the user needs to click. I think that setup stinks...the link is far from obvious, and we need the customer to click it. To alleviate this issue, on the last page of the checkout process on my store (just before going to paypal) I have a bolded, white-text on red background note telling the customer to be sure to click the "return to store" link. I'm hoping that will work or at least help. And even if it doesn't, you just match up the paypal order with the "preparing" OSC order and manually deduct stock, right? Michael
  2. brown705

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Edith, thank you so much. It actually was a setting on Paypal's side. I found this checkbox (below) in the Shipping Calculations section and checked it. Now Paypal accepts the shipping info from my OSC store. Thanks again for your help! Michael
  3. brown705

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi. I'm just setting up a store and I'm having a problem with the PayPal IPN contribution where only the sub-total is being passed to Paypal, leaving off the shipping cost. I am not using tax on the site at all, and I am using only US Dollars and English language, for that matter. The only shipping option I include is the Table Rate. OSC works properly when choosing and displaying the shipping cost, even through the IPN order and on the invoice. The only problem is that PayPal shows the subtotal amount to be the OSC subtotal, not the OSC grand total (with table rate shipping added), so I would get stiffed on the shipping every time. I have the IPN set for aggregate transaction type. I'm using the Sandbox server and the IPN's SSL option. How do I make the OSC grand total transfer to Paypal? I thought that is what "aggregate" was supposed to do. Michael