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  1. I need some input from other vendors who are using OS Commerce and processing credit cards. I am located in the United States and currently use Paypal to process all my credit card transactions on my OS Commerce website (www.warbirdcollectibles.com). I am looking for a module that processes credit cards (to use in addition to Paypal) that also allows me to process credit cards over the telephone. People leave my website because they don't understand that they can use Paypal to process the credit card payment (I'm not sure why since it is plastered on my website in several spots, but clearly if Paypal isn't getting it done, I need to take the next step). I have discovered this based on follow-up with customers who begin processing an order and then leave. I have also had several customers ask me if they can just give me their credit card information over the telephone. Currently I can't do this. The ability to process credits cards over the telephone would also be very helpful as I am planning on selling my merchandise at air shows, where internet access isn't available. If anyone is currently using something other than Paypal AND is also processing credit cards over the phone, I would be very interested in learning what contribution/mod/program you are using and how it is working for you. Thank you!
  2. Warpaint

    Paypal Payment Problems

    My website (www.warbirdcollectibles.com) is coded to receive payments via credit card through Paypal. The website was built in OS Commerce. I have a customer (my first one who has paid via a credit card) who has tried to place an order and pay via credit card numerous times and he is having problems getting his payment to process which is making me look bad. On my side, I see his order appears to be stuck with a "Preparing [PayPal IPN]" message and then nothing happens. I don't see any payment receipt in my Paypal account. What could be causing this problem?