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  1. Hi, I'm fairly new to OSC, and definitely need QTPro to do our biz the way we need it- we sell apparel and other items that require multiple attributes and separate inventory tracking- but our other issue is that we need to update the inventory of those thousands of UPC's daily- and it looks like I'd have to do that by hand with QTPro (and of course that's not practical) is there any import/export utility for excel (csv/tab-delim files) that works with this? I had installed another mod a few wks ago (before looking at other ecomm platforms) that does import/export but I don't think it was meant to work with the multi-attribute nature of QTPro - forgive me if this has been addressed elsewhere... the search utility on this board isn't helping me much and I've got one of those end of the day headaches ;-( And of course, I don't have the PHP skill to create a utility that pulls everything from the multiple db's into a csv and then back into OSC from the import csv... Thanks! Brian Carter Adventure 16