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  1. Hello, dose anyone know the installation instructions for paypal express as the ones downloaded in the original tread don't seem to work!! All I want is for the cart to show the paypal express images so people can check out! Maybe I'm wondering if the shelf life for OS-commerce is about to expire as there seems to be little support theses days with mod! Any help would be most appreciated :-)
  2. Hello Team I have installed the PayPal Express official release on our cart MS2.2 however there seems to be a broken link within the PDF instructions for this module which explains how to show the PayPal images?? Does anyone know what those instructions once said, or would anyone be able to advise how to show the pay with PayPal, please. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5658/v,22 Best Regards Lordy
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    Hi all, Its been a while since i used this software, in fact its been a while since i used a computer!!... I set up a site some 5 years ago using os-commerce of course, but have forgotton loads of it.. I would like to setup shipping to EU contries and have the shopping cart work out the wieghts and postage..can anyone give any advise on this please.... Thanks Lordy
  4. is back after a very long break from it all....!!

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    World Pay not a clue!

    Hi, Is there anyone out there that knows how to install world pay and is able to explain it to the most stupid person in the world(me) i dont have a clue what im doing so therefor if there is someone they need to explain it in baby talk!!!!!! cheers John [*edit* - Please use the profile page]