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  1. OK, never mind, I got it working.


    I wish I could report precisely how, but in fact I decided to start from scratch, and copied a backup of my previous standard OSC shop back into the catalog. Obviously it wasn't totally original, because it started working. So I don't know what was wrong. I left the changes on the database when I reverted the catalog.


    It was showing the sizes correctly, but not tracking stock. Then I compared the directories and remerged each changed file, and tested it after each file. When I merged product_info.php. it broke. I restored the old one, and other than that file, merged all changes. It's working now.


    I've spent 3 days on this . . . I think I'm going to sleep now :blink:


    Seems to me that if a developer withdraws support for his creation, and doesn't propose a replacement 'guru', the contribution should at least be flagged as unsupported. The guy who wrote this contribution walked away from it more than a year ago. I only found that out by reading this whole 1500+ post thread. Respect to others who have been trying to help though.

  2. Well, I know bumping is probably frowned upon, but I have read this thread till my eyes bleed - there was a tantilising 'this one was solved, search the thread' post, but I can't find the answer in here. If anyone can help (see post above), I'd really appreciate it.


    [edit] I have also checked the db carefully, and as far as I can see, all the necessary changes are there.

  3. You were quite correct. The standard OSC mail options worked. Thanks a lot for that, it's a big headache solved.


    Just for anyone searching on this;




    I set the weight of the item to .25 - being 250 grammes.


    The postal rates I set look as follows; 1:5.00, 2:7.00,3:9.00 etc. This being up to 1kg = $5, up to 2kg = $7 etc etc.


    It works - 3 items adds $5, 4 items adds $7, 9 adds $9 etc.


    you also have to set the 'mode' for the particular delivery service to `weight`.


    Sorry if that's all obvious . . . it escaped me for weeks.

  4. I assume that you have looked at the table rate that is part of the standard install of osc.


    If your product weights are in grams



    and so on

    If your product weights are in kg



    and so on


    You need to be consistent in your shop and use the same unit for every product.


    I have looked at it and got thoroughly confused - having said that, what you're saying makes more sense. I may have mixed up grammes and kilos.


    Understood ref consistency - everything is in grammes, so no problem there.


    I'll take another look at this, and thanks for the help. I'll post back with results. :thumbsup:

  5. I have three shipping options on my shop, but none of them will take into account the weight for multiple orders.


    This is in Brazil, so there could be odd differences between how I work and everybody else does . . .


    I have for example a flat postage fee of up to 1kg, of $5


    Each item weighs 250 grams, so up to four of them can be shipped for that flat amount.


    I want to be able to increase the freight incrementally by $5 for each extra kg or part of a KG shipped.


    The items do vary in weight, so it'd have to be able to add various weights together.


    I see in OSCommerce there are various fileds that look at weight, freight etc, but I haven't managed to tie them together - I can order 100 items, and it still only charges $5 . . .


    Can OSC do this, or is there an addon I can try?


    Thanks for reading.

  6. I'm having a problem with this - I did post in the general section, but nobody answered.


    I have installed QTPro, and all seems to be working, but all it does is offer the customer options when looking at the product detail. If they go to buy the item, it seems to revert to the old stock system. There are no size options offered after the customer hits the 'add to basket' button. It behaves as it did before QTPro was installed.


    So for example if I have shirt A in M and L sizes (and say I added 10 of each), when the customer looks at that they can see and select which size they want, but when they add it to their basket, there is no size attribute anywhere with the order - they can't select anything, and the order confirmation I get says nothing. The item is subtracted from the 'stock' level on the general attribute page, but not the QTPro stock levels - it will show 19 items in stock, but QTPro will show 10 of each still.


    So basically all it is doing is showing the available sizes to prospective buyers.


    I have combed carefully through the changes, as my shop isn't in English. I have compared the files down to code level and as far as I can see have updated them all properly.


    Any ideas, or am I entirely missing the point of the addon? I need the customer to be able to select which size they're buying, which isn't happening.



  7. Eek, what a gigantic thread.


    I've got to admit, I'm confused now.


    I think the QTpro addon is what I need, but there are about 30 versions of it in the download area - could someone help me work out which one I need?


    I have a shop I'm developing, it will sell items of clothing - teeshirts, shorts etc.


    I'll list each colour as a separate product, but each product will be in various sizes.


    I've already configured that to work from the customer end, using the standard OsCommerce files, but as everyone else here is doing, I want to assign stock levels for each size, rather than just the item itself.


    So far so good, I hope.


    Is there a particular version that will do that, and hopefully not add a lot of stuff I don't need? I'd rather use an older, stable release if it's easier to use - I'm no whizz at all this, so the simpler the installation the better - not that I don't appreciate the work people have done to develop this!


    Thanks, version is 2.2 btw.