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  1. I'm having the same problem here, does anybody know how to fix this? Thanks
  2. After my host upgraded their php, I managed to get the site to work again, but when affiliates login now, they only get a blank page at catalog/affiliate_summary.php. Anybody knows how to fix that? All the other pages are visible. And are there any known issues regarding counting the sales after php upgrade? I only have 3 affiliates at the moment so it's hard to check that for me. Thanks in advance
  3. After my host upgraded their php, I managed to get the site to work again, but my information manager doesn't work. I can't remember what contribution I installed for that, it uses admin/information_manager.php as the main edit page. Anybody knows what I can do to make this to work again. Thanks
  4. Never mind the above post, I found them. Thanks for this contribution, it saved my shop.
  5. Does anybody know what files exactly to download? The one from TIM se, is full pages, I can't use those as my pages are to modified, the one form Jasek is only a .htaccess and in the one from c4great, I get no files. Thanks
  6. I just noticed on the screenshot under customers/oders, there's 'create order'. Does that mean you can manually input orders in the admin? If so, what contribution would that be. Thanks
  7. Go to packingslip.php in admin and find <tr> <TD ALIGN="left" VALIGN="top"><span class="pageHeadingSM"><FONT FACE="Verdana" SIZE="1" COLOR="#006699"><strong><?php echo nl2br(STORE_NAME_ADDRESS); ?></strong></font></span><br><br><FONT FACE="Verdana" SIZE="2" COLOR="#006699"><strong><?php echo INVOICE_TEXT_INVOICE_NR; ?> <?php// echo INVOICE_TEXT_NUMBER_SIGN; ?> <?php// echo date("y"); ?><?php// echo INVOICE_TEXT_DASH; ?> <?php echo $oID; ?><BR><?php echo ORDER_DATE; ?><?php echo tep_date_short($order->info['date_purchased']); ?></strong></font></TD> <td style="padding: 10px 10px 0px 0px; vertical-align: top;" align="right"><?php echo '<input type="image" src="' . INVOICE_IMAGE . '" width="204" height="50" " alt="' . INVOICE_IMAGE_ALT_TEXT . '" onClick="java script:ShowHide(\'comments_open\',\'comments_close\');">'; ?></td> </tr> And replace the red text into your own logos url and size...
  8. Sorry but I do have another question, how can I change the TAx number, etc,... in the invoice.php without messing up the whole page. I changed the table allready but don't know how's best to change the text.
  9. Your admin is protected, just remember it for next time I suggest.... I think we can't edit our posts.
  10. The 'ordre status' was a misspelling in print_my_invoice.php at define('TEXT_INFO_ORDERS_STATUS_NAME', 'Ordre Status:'); So now everything is ok, I just wished I could help you out with the printing for customers, I'm running the latest version of OS, maybe it's an addition?
  11. Euh now you got me, I only added your contribution for invoices, and a few for shipping, so I thought it was added to yours. :o
  12. Yes that's the one, on the packinglist it shows up but the dimensions have changed of my logo, but on the invoice, my logo isn't showing up. What files should I look into to change that? And I also just saw that if I login as a customer, and after I press print invoice, the invoice comes up, but at the bottom it sais 'Ordre Status' instead of Order.. Where could I change that little spelling mistake. I also like to know if you have tried this with one of the contributions to change the order numbers? Thanks
  13. The only thing I have now is on the invoice of the order in admin, in the top right corner where it says on hoovering, clcik here to show comments... I'm missing an image and can't see what it should be, what went wrong there you think? Thanks
  14. OOOPs, somehow all the lines to define the pages were gone in the filenames.php, I added everything again and now seems to be working fine. Thanks for your help.
  15. Thanks guys, I can see my index now, but get the following errors on the top and bottom of it.. Should I add the define..... of all pages again on the filenames.php?