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  1. sappura

    Pay from quote# / Invoice#

    I've been looking and looking if there is a contribution like this: I make lots of quotes for my customers, and I would like to enter the quote #'s (or invoice #)somewhere in the admin so that my customers, if they wanted they could enter the quote number in the catalog somewhere and then be redirected to check out where they could pay for it. It would be great if same time as I enter the quote # in admin I could enter the total amount, so that when customer enters their quote # they instantly get the amount to pay. ( I have Paypal wpp installed) I would like it to look something like this: pay invoices online Thank you very much. Satu Pasanen
  2. sappura

    CSS Menu

    Thank you so very much!!
  3. sappura

    CSS Menu

    I love this conribution, but I have one question. How do I change the border color of the menu? I don't seem to be able to find it anywhere. Thanks.
  4. sappura

    CSS Menu

    This is excellent conrtibution! Today I installed 3 different menus...oh what a pain, but then I discovered this...ahhh....excellent! Thank you very much!
  5. sappura

    Easy Coupons

    Hi and great contribution...if I could only get it working. I get this error message... Warning: main(/mnt/w0511/d24/s03/a000ouii/www/european-usa.com/shopping/nfoscomm/catalogincludes/classes/discount_coupon.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /mnt/w0511/d24/s03/a000ouii/www/european-usa.com/shopping/nfoscomm/catalog/includes/modules/order_total/ot_discount_coupon.php on line 13 Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required '/mnt/w0511/d24/s03/a000ouii/www/european-usa.com/shopping/nfoscomm/catalogincludes/classes/discount_coupon.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/nf/lib/php') in /mnt/w0511/d24/s03/a000ouii/www/european-usa.com/shopping/nfoscomm/catalog/includes/modules/order_total/ot_discount_coupon.php on line 13 I have read all the posts and I can't find what I have done wrong...the coupon shows up in the store. They funny thing (actually not so funny) is that I noticed that there is no foward slash between words catalog and includes...This error happens when I click "check out" from Cart contents page. Thank you so very much. (I do have the easy discount also setup and running)
  6. I hope I finally figured it out after reading and searching more. This is what I did. I added these files to mysql: customers_company varchar(32) default NULL, delivery_company varchar(32) default NULL, billing_company varchar(32) default NULL, billing_street_address varchar(64) NOT NULL default '', billing_suburb varchar(32) default NULL, billing_city varchar(32) NOT NULL default '', billing_postcode varchar(10) NOT NULL default '', billing_state varchar(32) default NULL, billing_country varchar(32) NOT NULL default '', I hope it will work now.
  7. 1054 - Unknown column 'customers_company' in 'field list' That's the error I get. When I try to confirm the order. I don't know what to do. I do not require customer to give their company name either. I found "Customers_company" in catalog/checkout_process.php and catalog/include/classes/order.php and catalog/admin/includes/classes/order.php I have read all the posts. The closest one was about "comment" . Could somebody please help me. Thank you
  8. sappura

    [Support] Category Fields

    Ah I found it.
  9. sappura

    [Support] Category Fields

    I installed this contribution, but where is it? I must be blind and stupid. I can't find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.