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  1. Sorry, I forgot to say that I looked at the source code for the page after I echoed the $xmlRequest. It will just output the values in the browser but if you look at the source it will show you the whole XML doc. Looking at what is being sent, all of the tags are lower case. I hope that makes sense. And when I said that I was checking between the two XML docs means that I had that test.xml document that I sent using the command line (remember how you told me how to do that?) and the other document is the one being sent in the classes->tracking.php. Does that make sense? One document is the test.xml document that you told me to make and the other "document" is the one that is sent using the tracking file and that I can see using the "echo $xmlRequest" command. Sorry for all of the confusion! -Aaron
  2. I'm getting very close...and very frustrated... Helio, I did what you told me to do and found that it will works through the command line. So I was trying to figure out what was the difference between the two XML docs that were being sent using cUrl. Basically what's it come down to is that the XML document that I am currently sending using the tracking script is not "Well Formed." But some how, when I send the external file, it is ok. I noticed the only difference between the two is that the external file has the correct camel caps notation (AccessLicenseNumber) where as the script leaves it all as lower case (accesslicensenumber). This apparently is a problem because I've put all the neccessary info in the external XML file and used a file_get_contents() function to read in the document and send it using cUrl and it works!!! So your probably thinking, "Aaron! You're such a retard! Why don't you just change the script to have the camel caps?" Well...I've already tried that and for some reason it keeps on being sent as lower case. But the thing is, it's being changed to lower case before it is even sent! $accessRequestHeader = "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>\n". "<AccessRequest xml:lang=\"en-US\">\n". " <AccessLicenseNumber>". $access_key ."</AccessLicenseNumber>\n". " <UserId>". $userid ."</UserId>\n". " <Password>". $pass ."</Password>\n". "</AccessRequest>\n"; $trackingServiceSelectionRequestHeader = "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>\n". "<TrackRequest xml:lang=\"en-US\">\n". " <Request>\n". " <TransactionReference>\n". " <CustomerContext>UPS Package Tracking</CustomerContext>\n". " <XpciVersion>1.0001</XpciVersion>\n". " </TransactionReference>\n". " <RequestAction>Track</RequestAction>\n". " <RequestOption>" . $activity . "</RequestOption>\n". " </Request>\n". " <TrackingNumber>" . $tracknum . "</TrackingNumber>\n" . "</TrackRequest>\n"; $xmlRequest = $accessRequestHeader . $trackingServiceSelectionRequestHeader; echo $xmlRequest; $xmlResult = post($protocol, $host, $port, $path, $version, $timeout, $xmlRequest); The "echo $xmlRequest" will return all lower case values. I don't know if I'm just being stupid and completely missing something but I really need some help. I would appreciate any input (preferably constructive :D ). Thanks, -Aaron
  3. Helio, I have checked the PHP info and the read out is: So it looks like everything should work. And I did notice that there was no "Found Xpci Version." Does anybody know how to fix that? I would appreciate any input! So when it says "Looking for XpciVersion," which XML document is it using the getValueByPath method on? -Aaron
  4. Hey everybody, I'm wondering how in the world I'm getting this error message because no one else seems to be getting it. Let me try and explain: I'm running a OSC MS2 install on a server that supports everything needed to run this. It appears that I am getting the "This module supports only xpci version 1.0001 of the UPS Tracking Interface. Please contact the webmaster for additional assistance." message when I go to the tracking page. I tried commenting out the lines that make the display of this message possible and I get a "10001: The XML document is not well formed" message. So I decided to investigate a little. I saw that it was checking the Xpci version value on the XML document using the getValueByPath method. I checked the method in the code in xmldocument.php and found that a couple of debug commands were commented out so I uncommented them and got the following output on my tracking page: I don't know enough about XML or the UPS module to figure this one out. If you want to see the rest of my work, just go to . :D Thanks a bunch, -Aaron
  5. Could you tell if you are using the "Use Search-engine Friendly URLs" setting? -Aaron
  6. Actually Chris, the autologn cookie code that you posted is only deleting the cookie. Notice how it is giving a value of "" and the time is set for the past. Lets see what is in your autologon.php code...
  7. Is your "test" cookie being called with the PHP setcookie function or the OSC tep_setcoookie function? I changed all of mine to use the tep_setcookie function...not sure if that makes any difference... <_< Another thing I did was I changed all of the: $cookie_url_array = parse_url((ENABLE_SSL == true ? HTTPS_SERVER : HTTP_SERVER) . substr(DIR_WS_CATALOG, 0, -1)); $cookie_path = $cookie_url_array['path']; to the following: if (function_exists('session_set_cookie_params')) { session_set_cookie_params(0, $cookie_path, $cookie_domain); } elseif (function_exists('ini_set')) { ini_set('session.cookie_lifetime', '0'); ini_set('session.cookie_path', $cookie_path); ini_set('session.cookie_domain', $cookie_domain); } Not sure if that has any effect either...guess we'll find out now, won't we.... Can somebody tell me if that will effect OSC in any negative way? Thanks -Aaron
  8. Hey Chris, I had the same problem...I've been working on getting this implemented on my site but have been very frustrated. What I found was the problem for me was that I was using the "Use Search -Engine Safe URLs" option but contribution works off of a PHP get path which pulled up "action" for my path. Try sorting your cookies by when they were last modified and play around with it. My cookies were coming up with the domain "action." You need to go into the code if you are having this problem... Hope that helps... Although I'm having a problem of my own. The Autologon feature works great on my computer, but whenever I use my brother's computer, login, close the browser, and open up the site again, I get automatically sent to a secured logoff page. So maybe someone can help me with that one? Maybe the wizards might return and give some help... Thanks -Aaron
  9. I'm not sure if anyone has asked this yet but for the record I at least browsed through most of the pages in this thread ;) I'm wondering if anyone has been able to attach the sub-menus of the coolMenu to images. I know it's just a simple javascript command but I'm not the best a it. I've gone through the menu_animation.js file and have found where it uses the mouseover event to trigger the next menu but I need help on the missing pieces. Here's a good chunk of the file: (sorry in advance if this is too much :( ) makeCM.prototype.makeMenu=function(name,parent,txt,lnk,targ,w,h,img1,img2,cl,cl2,align,rows,nolink,onclick,onmo useover,onmouseout){ var c = this; if(!name) name =""; var p = parent!=""&&parent&&c.m[parent]?parent:0; if({ //Added 4.07 - bug(?) in opera 7 - you cannot dom-add layers created in one document to another one (or so it seems) - so turn of usedom if(bw.op7 && this.frames) bw.usedom=0 var tmp=location.href; if(tmp.indexOf('file:')>-1||tmp.charAt(1)==':') c.root=c.offlineRoot; else c.root=c.onlineRoot if(c.useBar){if(!c.barBorderClass) c.barBorderClass=c.barClass; c.bar1 = cm_divCreate('bbar_0',c.barClass,'',0,1); = cm_divCreate('bbar',c.barBorderClass,'',1,1,0,0,c.bar1); if(bw.usedom); }}var create=1,img,arrow; var m = c.m[name] = new Object();; m.subs=new Array(); m.parent=p; m.arnum=0; m.arr=0 var l = m.lev = p?c.m[p].lev+1:0;; m.hide=0; if(l>=c.l.length){ var p1,p2=0; if(l>=c.level.length) p1=c.l[c.level.length-1]; else p1=c.level[l]; c.l[l]=new Array(); if(!p2) p2=c.l[l-1] if(l!=0){ if(isNaN(p1.align)) p1["align"]=cm_checkalign(p1.align) for(var i in p1){if(i!="str"&&i!="m"){if(p1[i]==null) c.l[l][i]=p2[i]; else c.l[l][i]=p1[i] }} }else{c.l[l]=c.level[0]; c.l[l].align=cm_checkalign(c.l[l].align)} c.l[l]["str"]=''; c.l[l].m=new Array(); if(!c.l[l].borderClass) c.l[l].borderClass=c.l[l].regClass c.l[l].app=0; c.l[l].max=0; c.l[l].arnum=0; c.l[l].o=new Array(); c.l[l].arr=new Array() c.level[l]=p1=p2=null if(l!=0) c.l[l].str=c.l[l].app=cm_divCreate( '_' +l+'_0',c.l[l].borderClass,'') }if(p){p = c.m[p]; p.subs[p.subs.length]=name; if(p.subs.length==1&&c.l[l-1].arrow){ p.arr=1; if(p.parent){c.m[p.parent].arnum++ if(c.m[p.parent].arnum>c.l[l-1].arnum){ c.l[l-1].str+=c.l[l-1].arr[c.l[l-1].arnum]=cm_divCreate( '_a' +(l-1)+'_'+c.l[l-1].arnum,'clCMAbs','<img height="'+c.l[l-1].arrowHeight +'" width="'+c.l[l-1].arrowWidth+'" src="'+c.root+c.l[l-1].arrow+'" alt="" />',0,1,c.l[l-1].app); c.l[l-1].arnum++ }}}if(bw.reuse) if(p.subs.length>c.l[l].max) c.l[l].max = p.subs.length; else create=0 }m.rows=rows>-1?rows:c.l[l].rows; m.w=cm_cp(w||c.l[l].width,1); m.h=cm_cp(h||c.l[l].height,0); m.txt=txt; m.lnk=lnk; if(align) align=cm_checkalign(align); m.align=align||c.l[l].align;||c.l[l].regClass; m.targ=targ; m.cl2=cl2||c.l[l].overClass; m.create=create; m.mover=onmouseover; m.mout=onmouseout; m.onclck=onclick; = cm_active; m.isactive=0; m.nolink=nolink if(create) c.l[l].m[c.l[l].m.length]=name if(img1){m.img1 = new Image(); m.img1.src=c.root+img1; if(!img2) img2=img1; m.img2 = new Image(); m.img2.src=c.root+img2;"clCMAbs"; m.txt=''; if(!bw.reuse&&!nolink) m.txt = '<a href="#" onmouseover="''.showsub(\''+name+'\')" onmouseout="''.mout(\''+name+'\')" onclick="''.onclck(\''+name+'\'); return false">';; m.txt+='<img alt="" src="'+c.root+img1+'" width="'+m.w+'" height="'+m.h+'" id="img''" ' if(bw.dom&&!nolink) m.txt+='style="cursor:pointer; cursor:hand"'; if(!bw.reuse){if(!bw.dom) m.txt+='name="img''"'; m.txt+=' border="0"'}; m.txt+=' />'; if(!bw.reuse&&!nolink) m.txt+='</a>' }else{m.img1=0; m.img2=0}; if(l==0||create) c.l[l].str+=cm_getLayerStr(m,c.l[l].app,,c.fillImg,c.l[l].borderClass,c.l[l].arrow,c.l[l].arrowWidth,c.l[l].arrowHeight,c.root) if(l==0){if(m.w>c.maxw) c.maxw=m.w; if(m.h>c.maxh) c.maxh=m.h; c.totw+=c.pxBetween+m.w+c.l[0].borderX;c.toth+=c.pxBetween+m.h+c.l[0].borderY} if(lnk && !onmouseover){ var path=lnk.indexOf("mailto:")>-1||lnk.indexOf("http://")>-1?"":c.root m.mover="self.status='"+path+m.lnk+"'" if(!m.mout) m.mout=""; m.mout+=";self.status='';" } } So I need to know what "" is and just plain "name." Any javascript gurus out there? Thanks -Aaron