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  1. Hi, I have added your contribution and it sounds excellent the way keywords for every page are generated 'on the fly'. I will wait to see the changes in my search engine rankings. One question i do have is, how do i add the verification META name="verify-v1" which google requires? I tried the html verification but this doesn't work for me for some reason. Can this meta name be added to the /functions/general.php file? Can you help with the syntax for this? Thanks.
  2. Hi, i Have now upgraded my store to version 2.2ms2-060817 and it is now up and running again. I noticed that SEO URL's is still showing in admin but when set to 'true', nothing seems to alter. Could somebody please advise as to which version of ultimate SEO URL's i now need for this version of oscommerce and wether there are any fixes needed which are not included in the package. Thanks.
  3. Hi, ok with regards to updating my site, am i ok just taking the whole of the catalog folder and uploading to my site? Below is the current version i have set up and what i plan to upgrade to: current> (2.2 MS2 (051113) >upgrade to> oscommerce-2.2ms2-060817 I presume this will not affect all of the data in the database? I also noticed that there is an 'extras' folder in the new installation package, what do i do with this? I cant find any instructions for an upgrade in the documentation. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Thanks for reply. the version i installed was the one which already included the randelia fix (31 Oct 2006). I amended the 2 files in the fix and tryed this anyway but the pages still don't load. I also cleared the browser cache but no joy. before i added this contribution, i also added the custom meta tage http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...custom+meta+tag this included an sql update. I backed this up though and restored successfully. Can i get a full set of files to restore the site? I don't have these as it was an automatic install through Cpanel with my host. Thanks.
  5. Hi, does anyone have the original files which i modified for the ultimate SEO URL's? I didnt do a back up and something went wrong somewhere. Whe SEO is turned on in admin, the URL's are like this: https://www.british-warrior.co.uk/shop/kung...lack-p-132.html and this: https://www.british-warrior.co.uk/shop/uniforms-c-21.html When they are off, my pages just dont load. The files are listed below as stated in the install file. Thanks. Step #1 - Add new files Add these new files to catalog: admin/includes/reset_seo_cache.php includes/classes/seo.class.php Step #2 - Modify files These files has been modified: admin/categories.php admin/includes/functions/general.php .htaccess includes/application_top.php includes/functions/html_output.php Oh yeah, i already have the new seo.class.php file
  6. Hi, can someone please take a look at my site, the pages aren't loading since i added the ultimate seo urls. http://british-warrior.co.uk/shop/index.php I also added the meta tags contribution with sql update. could this be the problem?
  7. Hi, I am having a problem with the URL's as stated above. I have updated the seo.class file but the urls are showing like this and i'm getting a 404 page cannot be found. products show like this: https://www.british-warrior.co.uk/shop/wall...cket-p-123.html categories show like this: https://www.british-warrior.co.uk/shop/uniforms-c-21.html Also when i turn off the SEO URL's in admin, the pages don't load. Also, in product admin, i don't get the option to manually add an SEO URL. any help appreciated.
  8. Hi, I also need to add a password protected page (category) to my store. My store is for a martial arts company and the area required would be for instructors who can buy products in bulk and at discount. The password would be supplied directly to all instructors upon request. I have searched contributions but can't find anything. Any ideas anyone? I think this would be a very useful add-on to osCommerce.
  9. stecol

    uk prices include VAT

    Hi, I have searched the forum and contributions for a fix to this but can't find anything although i'm sure i found something a while ago. All the UK prices on my store include VAT so this does not need to be calculated...i have turned this feature off in the admin configuration. What i need to do is add 'INC VAT' to the prices shown. eg ?80.00 inc vat I'm sure there is a contribution for this but can't find it. Any ideas anyone?? Thanks in advance. - Ste