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    Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that the Google Checkout IPN supports inbound data updates to osCommerce Admin. When changing status within Google Checkout's admin interface (ie to CHARGE, CANCEL, etc), this does not update within the osC admin side. Also, the EXTRAS included by ski2bbad within version 1.2.2 don't appear to successfully import the Google Checkout order ID into osC. Any thoughts or success on these so far?
  3. moonlitsun

    Ajax Tabs (sleektabs Class)

    This is probably something you'd want to skin using CSS layering. Is that what you had in mind?
  4. moonlitsun

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Hehe thanks for the insight. :) We're speaking with UPS and Fedex (they actually have API/Web Application divisions) as we iron out some streaming technology. Have you looked at the table rates loaded into UPS for osC lately? They should be compared to some of the recent increases in fees updated by both UPS AND Fedex (due to fuel costs, no doubt). We decided not to increase the table rates since it was negligible. We'll be sure to keep in touch with you closer on osC-related activity! ;)
  5. moonlitsun

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Glad to see things going so well! Actually, we're doing a whole re-write of the entire osC shipping module system while trying to incorporate individual shipping module contributions (ie UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc). The idea around this is to use MVS architecture and its functionality while utilizing a number of streaming shipping interfaces. We'll drop you a note sometime soon as to our progress. At the moment, we're finishing up a robust, admin-side search engine (incorporates orders, customers, and virtually every related dbase field). Right now, we're speaking with both UPS and FedEx directly about integrating APIs to populate the order tracking field we've installed. Do you have any experience with API at this stage using MVS? Basically, we'll be using API technology to automatically populate tracking numbers and offer real-time rates for UPS and FedEx (DHL is still a question mark for us, as we aren't a big fan of them as a carrier). Meanwhile, we are building a vendor-based zipcode origin for UPS/FedEx calculations. I believe you have successfully upgraded your codebase with this functionality, but we haven't taken a look lately at it yet. If no one has done it yet, we intend to release the ziporigin by vendor as a unique add-on contribution to the osC community. As we all know, the default osC engine is designed around a STOCKING retailer shipping from one location. However, we all know how fast the B2B online retailer marketplace has evolved. ;) JIM.... great work! Keep it up. Both you and Craig are doing a phenomenal job on this contrib. It seems like such a valuable (universal) add-on that the osC Dev team may want to consider it for MS3. Have they been approached?
  6. moonlitsun

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Stephanie, We didn't know you were so actively involved in the osC Community! VERY, VERY cool. It's been a while since we've posted here, but it's great to see everyone coming together for a great cause (aka Craig, etc). As our org has more time, we'll be growing MUCH more active in the osC contribution arena. At the moment, we're trying to work with MS3 (quite interesting stuff). Craig, Stephanie.....how stable are you finding the latest version of MVS to be these days?
  7. Hello, osC! Here is a relative nuisance problem that I am sure more than one osC site experiences with the FEATURED PRODUCTS contribution: If your site offers more than 10,000 products, the load time via admin in order to select a new FEATURED PRODUCT becomes quite slow and can lag the system. Any thoughts or input about how this issue might be resolved? We thought perhaps some sort of paginated output of sorted items that could be flagged as a featured item, rather than a FULL index sort via dropdown selection (doesnt seem efficient for a site with large inventory feeds). If there is a contribution or simple way to address this common problem, all responses are appreciated. :) THX
  8. Greetz, Hello, and thx to the original author who kindly incorporated Google Sitemap into osC! Naturally, none of us are guaranteed to see any kind of measurable results. However, we all know this is pretty revolutionary thinking on Google's part to proactively pull data from active e-commerce websites. That being said, we'll be happy to update everyone with our Google index visibility in the days and weeks ahead. 3,700+ products and counting, with 2,000+ more to add next week. I'll be curious to see how the sitemap communicates non-visible pricing ;) Thx
  9. moonlitsun

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Jim, Craig, and Co.... You may have forgotten to include one bit of code: a limiter, or something similar to the Individual Shipping Rates contribution. The idea is that in many cases since products are being dropshipped from any number of vendors, the store owner will not want to allow the customer to choose from multiple shipping options. Example: http://true-mvs.sourceforge.net/product_in...?products_id=25 When adding the keyboard to the cart and checking out, all the installed shipping modules show up. I think the very nature of the new and improved MVS should naturally limit itself to the "BEST WAY" shipping, which would basically tie a shipping method chosen from a dropdown within the admin screen. Again, the best working model for this is Individual Shipping Prices. IMHO....good luck!
  10. moonlitsun

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Rick, Nope.....didnt disappear. However, we decided to move forward with it offline. Thx
  11. moonlitsun

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Craig, Try this one: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...earch,estimator I may be wrong, you might need to do a little research and ask MadMacGames directly if they hard-coded it, or if they used a contribution. I believe they simply skinned a contribution already introduced. Sorry I dont have more info! Thx
  12. moonlitsun

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Craig, Another idea to consider: There is a current, working contrib out there for a shipping estimator built into the shopping cart page itself. It might be a great add-on to make a multizip origin, MVS friendly version of the shipping calculator in the cart. Here is a working example of the shipping calc in cart: http://www.madmacgames.com/mycart Be sure to add something to your cart in order to view the calculator at work. This would be a great compliment to the new and improved, MVS system. IMHO.... Thx (we've been quite busy with other custom work....auto SKU numbering system, auto image renaming, QTY update notifications, etc)
  13. moonlitsun

    Index Ads - Banners in body_text

    If anyone wants to see the rotating banner manager in place, feel free to visit it in action HERE: http://dropshipdirect.com/warehouse/index.php Just take a look at the ads in the right column! If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. This is a very effective contribution.
  14. moonlitsun

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Craig, How are things looking? I've got a pro on our team who is now working on these kinds of projects for us. We just cleaned up the attribute functionality and now are going to focus again on combining MVS and Enhanced vendors to support Multizip origins. If possible, I may forward him your contact info in case he needs to rack your brain. Thx
  15. moonlitsun

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    Kopycat, Stick with version 2.1 for now. I believe Joey is still doing some more work on instructions and coding for version 3. The major diff between the two versions is that version 3 attempts to offer editable Attribute sets. Thx