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  1. Hello, I was very happy to find this contribution and is working fine "BUT" :(

    what if i want to charge a small handling fee? like 4.99 for orders 59 or more?


    And what if? customer does not want hes free shipping.. Instead he wants to pay next day ups shipping? or secon day? This is because i just offer free shipping for ground services within USA. I also sell Frozen Products that are only shipped Second day and these product do not qualify for free shipping.


    Thanks in advance for your Help.



  2. Hello,


    I did install this contrubution and is working fine but i need some help about several things.


    What i want to do is to put the 2 litle flags where you put currencies at the top right of the page. How can i do this?


    Also if you can tell me how tu replace header navigation bar for a graphical one or where do i have to do those changes?


    The other thing is that i'm getting problem intalling some other contributions on top of this one like table.headers2.2 and ShoppingCartBoxEnhancement_v12 and categories colapse.


    Can you tell me or tell us how to fix other contributions to work with yours?


    Thanks for shuch a nice cotribution and help provided.


    Mauro :D