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  1. Hallo, Can someone help me with a problem I have. Everything working ok except the renaming of images. The images are not renamed even is checked in the upload form. I see that $_POST['opi_auto_rename'] from the form is empty in productImageHandler.php. I'm using osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.3.4 thanks in advance
  2. Thank you Scott, I have messed up with file btter_together_promo.php in modules folder and again uploaded same instead of original one. cheers
  3. Hi, I have installed module Better Together and Better Together Promo in osc Everything working ok, except, on promo page, only first discount is shown. for example if I have this : $this->add_prod_to_prod(26, 27, "%", 100); $this->add_prod_to_prod(83, 15, "%", 50); then I see on promo page only discount of 100% it doesn't show product 83 with 50% discount.Same with all combinations of examples provided in ot_better_together.php. thank you rgd, Goxy