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  1. DrumrLC

    Table Rate (Best Way) 2.3

    To get the functionality I needed I just added this code below line 64 in /includes/modules/shipping/table.php //Percentage Mod if ( strpos($shipping,"%") > 0 && MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_MODE == 'price') { $shipping = $order_total * round(($shipping/100),2); } //end Percentage Mod
  2. DrumrLC

    Table Rate (Best Way) 2.3

    Is there a shipping module that works similar to the Table Rate (Best Way) shipping module from 2.2 that's compatible with 2.3? I need to charge a minimum shipping fee then a percentage based on price. Thanks.
  3. DrumrLC

    Verisign Issues

    Thanks, the fix worked great for me once I changed the super globals. Here's the code for those that have to use it. It might save you 30 seconds. if($_POST['RESPMSG'] == 'Approved') { $_POST[$_POST['USER1']] = $_POST['USER2']; $_GET[$_POST['USER1']] = $_POST['USER2']; reset ($_POST); reset ($_GET); }
  4. DrumrLC

    Verisign Issues

    Has anyone else found a contribution that works with the suggested new link (not the temporary one)?
  5. DrumrLC

    Verisign Issues

    That URL isn't working for some of us. Which contribution are you using?
  6. DrumrLC

    Verisign Issues

    We just got off of the phone with verisign and apparently they are limiting the number of characters posted back to our site to 255. But I don't even know what that means or how to fix it.
  7. undefined function: tep_get_uploaded_file() in Big Images Contribution. What does this need to replaced with? Thanks.
  8. Has anyone used the "Easy Populate" Contribution with the "Big Images" Contribution? If so, does it work? Thanks.
  9. All of the 'tep_' functions had to be renamed. Except for the one's labeled 'tep_db_' Also we had to change the $tempdir and $tempdir2 settings from "/catalog" to "temp/"
  10. We may have fixed the initial problem, I'll post if any more arise. Thanks!
  11. correction: easypopulate.php
  12. Easy Poplulate will not load, any suggestions? mydomain.com/catalog/admin/easypopulate returns a blank page. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.