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  1. YaBoi

    Canada Post Shipping Module

    any solution to the parsing error?
  2. Hello, For those of you who saw any previous posts by me, I'm still attempting to implement this canada post mod. Currently I am receiving an error staing: "XML parsing error. " Do i need to download and install an XML parser? woudl appreciate any help, thank you
  3. Thanks for this post! I have one question, where in oscommerce can you input the dimensions of your products? I do not see anywhere to do this, and I assume without dimension the Canada Post mod will not be able to calculate the shipping costs. any help would be appreciated, thank you
  4. YaBoi

    CanadaPost Shipping Module Obsolete?

    Yea, it doens't appear to use dimensions at all. Which I dont' understand how the module can work with Canada Post which requires the dimensions of box sizes in order to ship. thanks for your help dbl07
  5. YaBoi

    CanadaPost Shipping Module Obsolete?

    is there anywhere that I need to input the size of my products? I would assume there would be.
  6. Hello, Hope all is well. I am currently attempting to implement the Canada Post shippig module, however as this is the one without the package dimension I am wonderign if perhaps the mod is now outdated. Does anyone currently use a working version of this mod? Currently I recieve this error on my checkout page: An error occured with the canadapost shipping calculations. If you prefer to use canadapost as your shipping method, please contact the store owner. I know my settigns are correct, so I feel that Canada post is not recieving the required information in orde rot be able to calculate a shipping fee. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you
  7. YaBoi

    where to get modules?

    Hello? just wondering where I can get the shipping modules? thank you