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  1. By anyones definition, I am not a php expert. However, I discovered that the shipdate being handed to USPS was the current date. I made the following change in the code to handle the 1 day or 2 day if Saturday to handle my 1 day processing requirement and it seems to be working. My guess is that there is a better way to do this, but I needed to get my store producing the correct info. I don't add a handling fee so I didn't research that. However, I don't see in the $request where a handling fee is being passed to the USPS. If it were me, I would just add the fee to the rates that I got back. // VJW - Make the shipping date // Calculate tomorrow's date $tomorrow = mktime(0, 0, 0, date("m"), date("d")+1, date("Y")); $dow = date('w',$tomorrow); // if tomorrow is Sunday, add 2 days instead of 1 if ($dow == 0) { $tomorrow = mktime(0, 0, 0, date("m"), date("d")+2, date("Y")); } $shipDate = date('d-M-Y',$tomorrow); // VJW - substituted shipdate for date in <shipDate> $request .= '<Package ID="' . $services_count . '">' . '<Service>' . $key . '</Service>' . '<FirstClassMailType>' . $this->FirstClassMailType . '</FirstClassMailType>' . '<ZipOrigination>' . SHIPPING_ORIGIN_ZIP . '</ZipOrigination>' . '<ZipDestination>' . $dest_zip . '</ZipDestination>' . '<Pounds>' . $this->pounds . '</Pounds>' . '<Ounces>' . $this->ounces . '</Ounces>' . '<Container>' . $this->container . '</Container>' . '<Size>' . $this->size . '</Size>' . '<Value>' . $insurable . '</Value>' . '<Machinable>' . $this->machinable . '</Machinable>' . '<ShipDate>' . $shipDate . '</ShipDate>' . // '<ShipDate>' . date('d-M-Y') . '</ShipDate>' . '</Package>';
  2. I installed this change and it got rid of the <sup> </sup> around the trademark and registered symbols. However, it also got rid of the trademark and registered symbols. Was it supposed to do that? I thought I remembered reading that the post office required us to display the symbols. Thank you,
  3. I am running the PayPal IPN module and have been for years. If a customer doesn't have a PayPal account, the shipping address is populated into the billing address and displayed to the customer. I don't know if this is something recent or if it has always been incorrect. Can someone sugguest how to fix this? V J
  4. I turned on the email diagnostic and found the problem. The usps.php file had the following code: if ((MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_DMST_DEL_CONF == 'True') && (preg_match('/<\/ServiceName><Available>true<\/Available><AvailableOnline>true<\/AvailableOnline><Price>0.80<\/Price><PriceOnline>/', $response[$i]))) { $del_conf = ereg('</ServiceName><Available>true</Available><AvailableOnline>true</AvailableOnline><Price>0.80</Price><PriceOnline>(.*)</PriceOnline>', $response[$i], $regs); The post office apparently raised the not-online price from 0.80 to 0.85. I changed it from 0.80 to 0.85 and it is again working perfectly. Sorry for the trouble but maybe it will help someone else. V J
  5. In April of 2011, I upgraded to USPS methods 5.2.1. This new version had a check box to add 19 cents to First Class and Parcel Post shipping costs (to handle the delivery confirmation charge that PayPal forces). I just realized yesterday that the 19 cents is not being added. I am almost positive that I tested the feature when I did the upgrade. I had made a change on the older version that I was running that handled adding the 19 cents after the response from the post office. Can someone tell me why this has stopped working. I don't see the 19 cents coded anywhere so I am asuming that it supposed to be part of the response from the post office. Any help will be greatly appreciated. V J
  6. vjwebb

    USPS Shipping Labels

    around line 149 in usps_ship.php find: $arr = explode(" ", $order->customer['name'], 2); And replace it with this: $arr = explode(" ", $order->delivery['name'], 2); It was using the customer name instead of the delivery name. If they are the same, you don't see the problem. Thanks for the catch.
  7. vjwebb

    USPS Shipping Labels

    Just in case anyone else is having a problem with company name. I fixed the company name. I set up a new account with USPS that is flagged as business and it let me add a Company Name. The old version of usps_php picked up the return address values from the configuration file. The new version is using the info on the USPS account.
  8. vjwebb

    USPS Shipping Labels

    I have it working although it is not picking up my Company Name (it used to). I think the problem may be that my USPS account is personal and not business. I have sent them an email asking how to fix the problem. I can go into edit mode after the fields are filled in and add the name but that is time consuming. At least I don't have to enter the shipping address. I would like to thank everyone for all the hard work. I still can't believe that our tax dollars are being used to change the shipping page into a frilly hard to read page. No wonder the post office is losing money.
  9. vjwebb

    USPS Shipping Labels

    Can someone please tell me where in orders.php that I put the following line of code. <?PHP include('uspslabelfix.php');?> Wes said it goes just before the </td> but I must not be finding the right one, because I am getting an error. Thank you and a grateful thanks to Wes for solving the problem.
  10. vjwebb

    USPS Shipping Labels

    I have been having an email conversation with USPS and their response is that the redesign didn't have any effect on the API. They keep telling me to contact my 3rd party vendor. However, I don't have a 3rd party vendor. Does anyone have any suggestions other than to check out shipping via Fedex or UPS?
  11. vjwebb

    USPS Shipping Labels

    I too can no longer print labels from the admin screen. When I click the print shipping label button, I am taken to the USPS website with the info filled in (just like always). When I click continue from that screen, I am taken to the login screen. I login and get a page has moved message. When I go to the new shipping page, the customer's address isn't filled in and my company name isn't on return address. Once again, they have done a redesign without any thought as to the impact it will have on their business customers. I too am hoping for a fast and easy fix.
  12. vjwebb

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    I have installed Ultimate SEO URLs 5 Pro and everything seems to work perfectly. Thank you. Now I am trying to find a google base feed that works. Can someone point me to a contribution that works with this wonderful contribution? I have spent the better part of the day searching for a solutions and now I am just frustrated. Any help will be greatly appreciated. V J
  13. After I finish my testing on all the changes that I made, I will do that. Thank you, V J
  14. I played around with the code and got it to display correctly.
  15. I already tried title and I found it many times. However, the code is written to concatenate the entire display and I am not sure where to put the str_replace. Also, since the word echo isn't in the source, I am not sure how it is getting on the screen. I was hoping to get help from someone more experience in php than I am. If not, I will just play with it until it works.