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  1. I dont know if the problem has been addressed but i would appreciate help


    In my admin pannel, none of my links work anymore. Now they look like:




    they should be




    What about this contribution would cause my links to change?


    That is my biggest problem right now. Uninstalling the code doesnt help so i am guessing its one of the files.



    Also on another note, everytime i try to add a box to, for example, my left column (customer section), the whole index.php section of the page, comes down the page, to allign with the box i installed. Anyone ever seen that problem before?

  2. I am contemplating purchasing the code for Google Checkout (Level 2) from some of the sources outside of the oscommerce community. Is anyone working on a contribution, or have an update on the status of one? Or could someone give some feedback on the existing modules that they purchased from Graith / Portal Planet so I may make my decision. I just don?t want to pay $150 for code that will be released freely tomorrow or something. Thanks.


    Well right now it sounds like you would pay $150 to interface with something that isn't working to well right now. Do you need it that badly? Are we all so starved for a good merchant service hmm?

  3. Well i have done some research and this is what i have come up with. If you want to use authorize.net and utilize Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, you need a company called cardinal commerce who provides the code to do this. So now i am confused. I dont currently have a merchant but i am shopping for one so that i can use authorize.net and would love to understand how this works


    1) Is this the only way to use these features?

    2) Is there another way that works as well at protecting against chargebacks (authorize.net or not)?

    3) Does my merchant have to do anything for me to be able to use these features?

    4) Where can i find a merchant that knows what this is and can provide price quotes?

    5) Do i have to pay to accept Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode?

    6) If i have to pay then to who exactly or who does the paying?

    7) am i confused and actually way off