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  1. y2kriceburner

    On The Fly Watermark Enhanced 1.1

    Hi, this is a great contrib, but I am having some bugs while trying to make it work. First of when I add a new product through the Administrator Control Panel it automatically puts up the "Image Not Available" PNG. But then when I browse through the store it will show the small thumbnail fine. Then if you click on the Click to Enlarge link I just get a red X. I have followed the instructions, made sure I have the fool root directory and I am not sure where to go from here. Any ideas and suggestions appreciated.
  2. y2kriceburner

    I'm stuck....need advice

    So, I tried to install the following contrib +Authorize admin using htaccess+ http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...min+by+htaccess Followed the instructions and then when I try to access the admin pages I get the promp screen for user and password. I try the default username (test) and default password (asdf) and it does not go through. I assume it is not the right combination or maybe it is not being validated. I'm new to php but not a complete newbie. Any ideas would be appreciated. Oh wait, as a matter of fact. I have even tried to reverse the process and to get rid of it so I can atleast access the Control Panel and I can't even do that! After removing all the lines and the files I still get a User/Password Prompt window. Running oscommerece 2.2 milestone 2, if that helps. Cheers M.K.