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  1. khymotor


    This is a great contribution. however after I installed the v1.7. The credit , coupon class stopped working properly. All numbers are fine within my site (the discounts, total....).but the value it passes to the paypal screen is the amount before any discount... anyone has idea how could I fix this? thanks a lot!!! btw, do I suppose to get the order recorded in admin even if the customer doesn't click on the "continue" button? Kevin
  2. khymotor

    support ticket system

    Found the solution after some search: in catalog/includes/modules/support_track.php Look for: Change to: Then look for instances of "$HTTP_GET_VARS['page'], " change to "$history_query_raw"
  3. khymotor

    support ticket system

    same problem as afterburn25. can anyone help? I think this might have something to do with the support.php file...
  4. Thanks for the great contribution! Is there a way of turning it on and off easily? From time to time, we offer free shipping on all of our products. so it will be very helpful when those time comes. Thanks!
  5. khymotor

    Special order mod

    here's my idea/solution: http://forums.oscommerce.com/viewtopic.php?t=54643
  6. Mine is MS2 2.2 . didn't work... :cry:
  7. I upload all the files into their location. and went to module-shipping-airborne in admin. click on install. nothing happens but refresh the screen... Can anyone help?
  8. khymotor


    oops. just saw the above post with same request. someone please help. :D
  9. khymotor


    I read most of the 50+ pages. and didn't get what I am looking for. The mod is great and I installed it sucessfully. But is it possible for a customer to put the affiliate's email on the checkout page when they place an order , something like "your referral's email: ". then the order will be credited to the affiliate's account automatically. Please help! This would be great if a store has several sale reps, and they can get their commission without sending out the links or banners.