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  1. Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Is it a requirement to have a SSL certificate on my server to run this module? Or is there another way to encrypt the information send back and forth between my shop and paypal. Does it need to be encrypted? I can get everything to go through paypal, but the order is not updated in my shop and no emails are sent. I know this problem has been discussed many times before... But i just can't get anything back from paypal :(
  2. pbpBB2 and osC shared account creation

    Just pointing out the obvious... sorry :( But i make this kind of mistakes all the time... Have you changed the "yourdomaine" to your actual domaine name :'(
  3. pbpBB2 and osC shared account creation

    Oops placing it at the top cuts all access to the anything to do with the profile.php :blink: However moving it down to just below: $template->set_filenames(array( 'body' => 'profile_add_body.tpl') ); that should work :D Anders
  4. pbpBB2 and osC shared account creation

    Not sure exactly what you mean - but i think i have fixed it by adding if ($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] != "http://www.yourdomaine.com/catalog/create_account.php") { die("Hacking attempt"); exit; } to the beginning of includes/usercp_register.php Now i just have to see if the spammers will get around that :'( Anders
  5. pbpBB2 and osC shared account creation

    Ok I see, I was trying to keep a link from the osC registration form open to those who only want to use the forum not the shop. But i guess that wouldnt work without leaving the /phpBB2/mode=register&agreed=true - link in the form. Or is there anyway of killing all direct entries to the phpBB registration, except those coming from the link in osC registration page? Thanks Anders
  6. pbpBB2 and osC shared account creation

    I tried adding the above code, but it gives me "hacking attempt" when using the link from my osC registration page. I had a look at the 1.2 update and found the trans_osc.php file. Edited to my website and uploaded that. How ever i still get killed when following the link in osC registration page. Am I missing something? Anders
  7. pbpBB2 and osC shared account creation

    This is sligtly off topic, but could maybe be incorpoated as an antispam measure! AlexStudio you seem to be quite familiar with this code by now. I seem to be getting an awful lot of spam-users in the forum. Some register to promote websites others just seem to be pointless bot-registrations. Due to the redirecting for registration i have a feeling that these bots simply search for the www.yoursite.com/phpbb2/profile.php?mode=register&agreed=true page. Currently registrations go via the "agree to terms page" to the osc registration page. Then via an ekstra link to phpbb2 registration. What i'm thinking is... If we change the name of the phpbb2 registration page we might be able to keep the bots trom registration. My problem is that I can't find the place to change that url. Any advise? Anders
  8. pbpBB2 and osC shared account creation

    Excellent job AlexStudio! I do however still have problems with the activation of the new password in phpbb2. I get the message "The activation key you supplied does not match any in the database". But the password works in the cart. I'll keep trying. I'm looking forward to see the login sync. I'm looking you over the sholder and learning :thumbsup:
  9. pbpBB2 and osC shared account creation

    I felt this had relevance to this thread although it is mainly about phpbb2 coding! Ok i have tried playing a little bit around with the usercp_sendpasswd.php in phpbb2, but I'm not really winning. Not sure if i have naffed it up or it never worked, but it sure can't give me a new password that works now. I have made some changes, tried with them and without them, but still not a working password. It changes the password, sends me the email with the new password, but it just doesn't work. Anyway here is the code i'm trying to get to change cart password. $sql = "SELECT customers_firstname, customers_lastname, customers_password, customers_id FROM customers WHERE customers_email_address = '" . str_replace("\'", "''", $email) . "'"; $sql = "UPDATE " . customers . " SET customers_password = '" . md5($user_password) . "' WHERE customers_email_address = '" . str_replace("\'", "''", $email) . "'"; This is an attempt to copy the code that changes the password in phpbb and make it put the new password into the table customers in osC. This is the code it sits in :( if ( !defined('IN_PHPBB') ) { die('Hacking attempt'); exit; } if ( isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['submit']) ) { $username = ( !empty($HTTP_POST_VARS['username']) ) ? phpbb_clean_username($HTTP_POST_VARS['username']) : ''; $email = ( !empty($HTTP_POST_VARS['email']) ) ? trim(strip_tags(htmlspecialchars($HTTP_POST_VARS['email']))) : ''; $sql = "SELECT user_id, username, user_email, user_active, user_lang FROM " . USERS_TABLE . " WHERE user_email = '" . str_replace("\'", "''", $email) . "' AND username = '" . str_replace("\'", "''", $username) . "'"; if ( $result = $db->sql_query($sql) ) { if ( $row = $db->sql_fetchrow($result) ) { if ( !$row['user_active'] ) { message_die(GENERAL_MESSAGE, $lang['No_send_account_inactive']); } $username = $row['username']; $user_id = $row['user_id']; $user_actkey = gen_rand_string(true); $key_len = 54 - strlen($server_url); $key_len = ($key_len > 6) ? $key_len : 6; $user_actkey = substr($user_actkey, 0, $key_len); $user_password = gen_rand_string(false); $sql = "UPDATE " . USERS_TABLE . " SET user_newpasswd = '" . md5($user_password) . "', user_actkey = '$user_actkey' WHERE user_id = " . $row['user_id']; // shared account creation by slackbro' $sql = "SELECT customers_firstname, customers_lastname, customers_password, customers_id FROM customers WHERE customers_email_address = '" . str_replace("\'", "''", $email) . "'"; $sql = "UPDATE " . customers . " SET customers_password = '" . md5($user_password) . "' WHERE customers_email_address = '" . str_replace("\'", "''", $email) . "'"; // shared account creation by slackbro' if ( !$db->sql_query($sql) ) { message_die(GENERAL_ERROR, 'Could not update new password information', '', __LINE__, __FILE__, $sql); } include($phpbb_root_path . 'includes/emailer.'.$phpEx); $emailer = new emailer($board_config['smtp_delivery']); $emailer->from($board_config['board_email']); $emailer->replyto($board_config['board_email']); $emailer->use_template('user_activate_passwd', $row['user_lang']); $emailer->email_address($row['user_email']); $emailer->set_subject($lang['New_password_activation']); $emailer->assign_vars(array( 'SITENAME' => $board_config['sitename'], 'USERNAME' => $username, 'PASSWORD' => $user_password, 'EMAIL_SIG' => (!empty($board_config['board_email_sig'])) ? str_replace('<br />', "\n", "-- \n" . $board_config['board_email_sig']) : '', 'U_ACTIVATE' => $server_url . '?mode=activate&' . POST_USERS_URL . '=' . $user_id . '&act_key=' . $user_actkey) ); $emailer->send(); $emailer->reset(); $template->assign_vars(array( 'META' => '<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="15;url=' . append_sid("index.$phpEx") . '">') ); $message = $lang['Password_updated'] . '<br /><br />' . sprintf($lang['Click_return_index'], '<a href="' . append_sid("index.$phpEx") . '">', '</a>'); message_die(GENERAL_MESSAGE, $message); } else { message_die(GENERAL_MESSAGE, $lang['No_email_match']); } } else { message_die(GENERAL_ERROR, 'Could not obtain user information for sendpassword', '', __LINE__, __FILE__, $sql); } } else { $username = ''; $email = ''; }
  10. pbpBB2 and osC shared account creation

    I agree with you. 1.4 and 1.5 should be redundant, but somehow i had to move thigs around a little to make it look right - maybe because i used the easy mods for the phpbb changes. But Text for password and username wasn't in alignment >_< I'll try a clean install again and se if I can reproduce the fumble :-" Thanks for the correction of L_USERNAME_EMAIL I'll add the catalog/password_forgotten.php code to the instal.txt when updating. I guess if a similar code was placed in the forum forgotten password it wouldn't matter if users asked for new password in forum or cart. Will look into it when I get a little time :blink:
  11. pbpBB2 and osC shared account creation

    Oops that wasn't ment to have been removed in the v 0,2 thanks for picking up on that. Guess if a similar code was placed on the forum side it wouldn't matter where you ask for a new password. :thumbsup:
  12. pbpBB2 and osC shared account creation

    Because i made using the forum optional i removede the pasing from the login page. If you add it again all you previous customers will not have a choice on their next login. Existing cart users can register for the forum via the link on top of the create_account.php page. Code for this is in the language file from step 2.8 in the instal.txt. You can edit the link as you wish. Maybe it needs to be more obvious - but i didn't want it to be intrusive for customers who only want to use the cart. I have thought about this, and it would probably just be a case of adding an extra field and simiilar code to that on registration page to the account_edit page. I'll try to look into it :)
  13. pbpBB2 and osC shared account creation

    The 0.2 version has been uploaded. :D It is available from here: phpbb2 and osC shared account creation v. 0.2 1. I have fixed the problems with the login name for the forum, by creating a seperate forum username field on the create_account.php page. 2. Forum registration is now obtional when registering for the cart. if a user later desides to use the forum a link to the forum registration page is provided at the top of create_account.php 3. The 'add old users to forum on login to cart' has been removed as forum registration is now obtional 4. Other bits of unnessesary code has been removed.
  14. Sorry forgot the url to the support thread >_< but here it is support thread :thumbsup:
  15. Sorry I don't think i undestood your post as a question the first time i read it... have just had another look at it Try to replace: <td width="10"><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '10', '1'); ?></td> <td><?php echo tep_image_submit('button_continue.gif', IMAGE_BUTTON_CONTINUE); ?></td> <td width="10"><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '10', '1'); ?></td> with: <!-- phpbb2 edited by slackbro' --> <td width="10"><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '10', '1'); ?></td> <td align="right"><?php echo '<a href="../phpbb2/"><img src="includes/languages/english/images/buttons/button_forum.gif" border="0"></a>'; ?> <?php echo '<a href="' . $origin_href . '"><img src="includes/languages/english/images/buttons/button_webshop.gif" border="0"></a>'; ?></td> <td width="10"><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '10', '1'); ?></td> <!-- phpbb2 edited by slackbro' eof --> All you doing here is placing a button to link to the forum. But if you have changed the layout of your pages it might look different to mine. Hope this helps - sorry for the first misunderstanding :'( Se the original support thread for further info and updates. I have just uploaded the new version 0.2