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  1. I haven't used osC or this contrib yet. I need to have items uniquely numbered, like serial numbers, but in quantities up to 10k or even 30k per series/batch of items. Is there a way to generate these numbers automatically, say, with a starting number, and "upload" these "pins" en masse? If i want the series to start with a letter or two, is that possible also, and how many characters can be used? And/or is there a contrib that will generate unique serial numbers for each item sold as it is sold and record the number in the record, with a limit on how many can be sold in a series? Any idea? I also would like to be able to have the system pick one serial number out of each series at random as a winner of a bonus prize and notify me of it by email (but not the customer yet). I could do this manually from sales reports, but a report with 10k or 30k pieces is bulky. I don't know how reporting contribs work; i assume they produce files that can be saved to disk, perhaps comma delimited. In such a case I could put it into Excel and pick one from there, and correlate it to the account number and notify the customer. All help is much appreciated.