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  1. Dear Jack, 1) a silly question: in my Page Control file, when I click on the "Select an option" cascaded menu, it lists all the php files I have in my /catalog directory. Is it correct? Or should I just have index.php, product_info.php, product_reviews_%% .. and specials.php? 2) a problem: when I click on TEST it tells me: Test Results Duplicate title found: explain for Italiano exists more than once. Duplicate meta description found: explain for Italiano exists more than once. I've understood the sense of this problem, but I don't know how to solve it neither the cause. May you give me any hint? Thank you very much for your time and this great contrib! Manuel
  2. madh52

    Header Tags SEO

    I have a problem with my website. I use Ultimate SEO Urls on it. After installing the CATALOG part, the website was working perfectly, except for having no title at all instead of "new page title" as expected. But the instruction file said that for who doesn't have english as default language it was normal. After installing the ADMIN part - in the specific, after changing the very 2-3 first files of the ADMIN part, my entire website is BLANK... you can take a look: (www.xenovision.it) I finished the installation, hoping that once done the problems would have resolved, but the website is still blank on the customer side, while in the admin side it works fine except for 2 errors in the TEST area:. These are the errors reported, if it may help: Duplicate title found: explain for Italiano Diamo [etc etc ..it says the title of many many products] Duplicate meta description found: explain for Italiano Diamo.. [same here. The products listed are those who are resident in more than one category. For example the same bulb can be applied as a parking light and as a arrow indicator light, so it's copied in both the categories] Does anyone has any clue on how to seek and find what causes the website to go blank?!? Help!
  3. madh52

    Stock Status in Product Listing

    Hi! Thank you for this great contribution. I've installed it smoothly on my website, but I have noticed a "bug". It's true that this contrib prevents customers to buy any out of stock product. But if for example one customer wants to buy 5 items of product A (of wich I only have 3 items left in stock), there's nothing to prevent this >_< . So customers may complain that the osCommerce shop was showing "In stock" for that product, but they'll have to wait for reorder to have their order completed. Could anyone help me adding a feature that alerts customers when they're adding to their chart more products than actually in stock? Thanks a lot!