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  1. 200Megaton

    EZ QuickBooks Integration Contribution

    I just installed this contribution into a copy of osC 2.3.3. When checking orders in the admin I get the same 1054 error. If I revert to the original admin/includes/classes/order.php file I can then read the oders. What am I missing?
  2. 200Megaton

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I have been struggling adding a GoogleFeeder to a client's site. I have a v 1.2 running on a different site on a different host just fine. On this site, I am continually running into this error: FTP open connection failed to uploads.google.com I checked and re-checked my FTP user/pwd, and everything seems to be OK. The script writes the .txt file fine, gives me the link after it runs etc. Just can't get this one to connect to Google. I saw a comment on commenting over the ftp_pasv ( $conn_id, true ) ; line, but it didn't seem to make a difference. It always seems to stall at the beginning of the "set up basic connection" segment. Any suggestions? Could it be the host?
  3. I have a client that sells products for Spas/Hot Tubs. They use UPS for shipping. What we need to do is limit the shipping options on certain products. Mainly, we need to make sure that all the Chemical products are limited to ground-only shipping. Does anyone know of a contribution that will allow the client to assign those properties to a product?
  4. 200Megaton

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Thanks, that was it. The negotiated rates at UPS seem to not be working. Yes, we do have a 15% handling fee on the rate calculations.
  5. 200Megaton

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    I have integrated the UPS XML Shipping module into a site but I am having a weird calculation issue. It seems to run fine, but I get incorrect shipping calculations. I believe it is getting validated by UPS because I can change the access key, user or password and get the appropriate error message. The rates come back as follows no matter how much the total order weight is: United Parcel Service (XML) (1 pkg x 17 lbs total) UPS Ground $3.45 UPS 3 Day Select $13.80 UPS 2nd Day Air A.M. $67.85 UPS 2nd Day Air $2.30 UPS Next Day Air Saver $14.95 UPS Next Day Air Early A.M. $16.10 UPS Next Day Air $1.15 Any ideas?
  6. 200Megaton

    Missing Credit Card Details - Bug 1693

    I was having NO cc data being recorded on a new OSC site, but had 2 others running on the same host that worked fine. The good ones are on IIS 5 servers and the broken site was on an IIS 6 server. I had the site migrated to an IIS 5 server and it seems to be OK now.