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  1. path here should be like URL path from your root webserver For example if you install your watermark script to the htttp://you.shop/watermark/ folder then you rewrite rule should be: RewriteRule ^(.*)\.jpg /watermark/image.php?%{REQUEST_FILENAME}
  2. slako

    Paypal IPN Issues

    Yes Sir. It has been double checked by me before. I've done an updating of both php files as described. paypal_ipn.php - add "'s'." before substr($cart_PayPal_IPN_ID, strpos($cart_PayPal_IPN_ID, '-')+1); ipn.php - replace all entries $_POST['invoice'] with substr($_POST['invoice'],1) I can attach my files here if it will helps.
  3. slako

    Paypal IPN Issues

    One question - I've found that "preparing to pending" updating will stops when I has done the "this_invoice_has_already_been_paid_error.txt" fix. Could anybody help? Thank you!