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  1. I'm trying to use these contribs together and have run into a problem on my local development site. When creating an account and checking out everything proceeds normally. When trying to checkout without an account using PWA it takes me to the checkout_shipping_address.php page and returns an error. The error is invalid country for shipping. If I try to change the information, I get the same error. It's stuck in a loop at this point and can't continue. Can anyone help me get this working? Using latest snapshot of OSC, PWA v1.2.5, Active Countries v2.11. Any help appreciated!
  2. MagickWomyn

    Integrate Active Countries & Pwa

    No solution yet. I may opt for paying for a integration because I really like the features of both. Hoping to find a reliable coder for this. In the meantime, I'm using the country/state selecter mod. HTH
  3. There's also Optional Related Products. HTH
  4. MagickWomyn

    Help With Custom Fields

    How is it breaking? Do you get any error message or does it just not display the cost?
  5. MagickWomyn

    Help With Custom Fields

    Try using a file compare program to see the difference between your file and the update I mentioned in the previous post. You'll see right where to make the changes to add the product cost . HTH
  6. MagickWomyn

    Help With Custom Fields

    There was an EP update for prodcut cost uploaded by Glock22 on 23 June 2006. You should also look for the contrib to add the product cost in admin. HTH
  7. MagickWomyn

    Graphical Borders on RSS News

    I've seen that before... it's a coding error. Double-check your changes. If you can't find it... post the file and we'll see what we can do. HTH
  8. MagickWomyn

    Graphical Borders on RSS News

    Try the above edited code and see if that works for you. Seems you missed some of the edits. HTH
  9. MagickWomyn

    Sppc Causes Issues With New_products.php

    I noticed you've mixed the header and footer codes for graphical borders. I think the double border is because the Graphical border edits aren't quite right. At the end of the file, it should read like this: new noborderBox($info_box_contents); ?> </td> <?php echo mws_footer_main(''); ?> </tr> </table> <!-- new_products_eof //--> As far as the SPPC code problems, you might try the support forum for the contrib. HTH
  10. MagickWomyn

    FAQDesk v1.01.0 Support

    Without knowing which version you are using, it might cause more problems for your site. I'm using the version by swopedesign-- dated 7 apr 2006. It works for me.
  11. MagickWomyn

    Integrate Active Countries & Pwa

    I've also found the same error occurs for billing. I tested with only one country active and with several active, the errors still happen. Still looking for help with this problem.
  12. This error also occurs for the billing address. These errors occur even if more than one country is active. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  13. I've got PWA 1.25 installed on a test site. I recently added Active Countries. All works properly if you create an account. Country dropdown is removed and default country is displayed. Using PWA, it returns an error for the shipping address. It returns Invalid Country for shipping. Then you are stuck in a loop because of this. Can anyone help me figure out how to get past this error? Any help appreciated!
  14. MagickWomyn

    Active Countries Contribution Error

    I would also be interested in finding a way to use Active Countries & PWA together. I really would like to keep both. Any hints on where I can find someone to code this? Any help appreciated!
  15. Hi Jack, I'm in the process of rebuilding my site. I've installed HTC. I'm working on the All Products contrib. Does the latest version of HTC 2.63 already have the code for All Prods or do I still need to add the code next to all other pages not defined as in step 6 of the All Prods install? Thanks for your help.
  16. Do you remember which on was installed first? I thought about trying to install FAQDesk on the vanilla site with Links. I'm not sure if I remove FAQDesk and re-install it if that will help.
  17. MagickWomyn

    FAQDesk v1.01.0 Support

    I'm using FAQDesk v1.01.1 (updated install text) dated APR by Swopedesign. Latest snapshot of OSC. I've installed Links Manager v1.14 All seems fine except I lose the right column when clicking on a links category. Same problem on the FAQDesk category. Does anyone know how to fix this or do I have to choose between the 2 contribs?? Any help is appreciated!
  18. The problem appears to be a clash between FAQDesk & Links Manager. I'm not code savvy enough to fix it. I installed Links on a vanilla site. Everything appears fine. Now the question is if I can manage to remove FAQDesk.... can anyone tell me of a similar contrib that will work with Links Manager?
  19. That's what doesn't make sense. The only page that displays wrong is the category page. Everything else is fine.
  20. I've just installed v1.14 on my local test site. Everything seems to be working. The problem is the way it's displayed. Catalog side-- When I click on the link in the info box... it's fine. When I click on the link category, I lose part of my right column. I normally have the shopping cart, then bestseller box, then faqdesk in the right column. I lose everything under the cart. I've changed the display to vertical... no luck. Got rid of images... no luck. Chenged language display... no luck. Any idea what I can do or change to fix this? Any help is appreciated!
  21. MagickWomyn

    looking for a contributions for infoboxes

    Did you look at the Graphical Borders Contribution? It includes screenshots to see if that's what you're looking for. HTH
  22. MagickWomyn

    "Show Subcatagories" with "Graphical Borders"

    You might want to check out the support thread for Graphical Borders. Did you try to re-apply the changes to the updated categories box?