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  1. actually for the computers end of things...... If ya don't know what you are doing with computers enough to tell the difference between a amd or intel mobo and the relation to a processor ..... ya prob shouldn't be customizing a pc to begin with by yourself. Much like my store, in a round about way, suggests give us a call and we can help you customize one to your liking. Mostly I see the custom build area as something for people that have some sort of sence to pick a mobo that has an "AMD" or "Pentium" at the begining and also pick a processor that corresponds to "AMD" or "Pentium". I can understand though that for some other shops having some sort of code that helps tie products together would be helpful. :P :D
  2. ok got everything cookin pretty well now.......just one question how did you create the infobox to go to your custom build page? could you post that box or send it in to go with the contribution? thanks again for all the help.
  3. just seen it iiinetworks-------just call me a newbie to this whole thing lololol but still missing the other one.......is that another contribution too?
  4. jrickard, also got this in the admin area: Fatal error: Failed opening required 'includes/boxes/gv_admin.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/pear') in /var/www/html/catalog/admin/includes/column_left.php on line 21 I think i may be missing some files along the way it seems the gv_admin.php file and coolmenu.php file is still needed to run your files. Would you mind sending those to me at mn2grafx@ameritech.net thanks bud. i like your site man looks and feels great to go through.
  5. sorry about that if you would like to take a look at what i was talking about go to : http://www.comteccustoms.com/catalog/build.php
  6. ok just installed all your files and it helped me out greatly, just two things 1. should I move the original files and rename yours back to the original name or just install as is? 2. It gave me a coolmenu error with the coolmenu.php file could you send me that file via email mn2grafx@ameritech.net overall a much easier install. thanks.
  7. after installing johns version i took your and went into it...finally got most to work. I just got this error though: Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /var/www/html/catalog/includes/languages/english.php on line 93 here is what my line 93 looks like(actually line 93 is my modems line): // categories box text in includes/boxes/categories.php define('BOX_HEADING_CATEGORIES', 'Categories'); //categories for custom computer creator define('CATEGORY_Intel_Motherboards', '27'); //category that has your intel motherboards in it define('CATEGORY_Intel_Processors', '28'); //category that has your intel processors in it define('CATEGORY_AMD_MotherBoard', '29'); //category that has your amd motherboards in it define('CATEGORY_AMD_Processors', '30'); //category that has your amd processors in it define('CATEGORY_DDR_Memory', '31'); //category that has your ddr memory in it define('CATEGORY_Hard_Drives', '32'); //category that has your hard drives in it define('CATEGORY_Video_Cards', '33'); //category that has your video cards in it define('CATEGORY_Computer_Cases', '34'); //category that has your computer cases in it define('CATEGORY_Operating_Systems', '35'); //category that has your operating system software in it define('CATEGORY_Sound_Cards', '36'); //category that has your sound cards in it define('CATEGORY_Modems', '37'); //category that has your modems in it define('CATEGORY_Network_Cards', '38'); //category that has your network cards in it define('CATEGORY_CD-ReWriters', '39'); //category that has your cd-rewriters in it define('CATEGORY_DVD_Roms', '40'); //category that has your dvd-rom's in it // whats_new box text in includes/boxes/whats_new.php define('BOX_HEADING_WHATS_NEW', 'What's New?');
  8. email is mn2grafx@ameritech.net i have a very big email---unlimited so if anyone can send me zipped files of their setup that would be great. Like I said previously, I have been getting a wierd error.
  9. just went to your site and it looks great.....is there anyway to possibly get ya to send me your base files so I can just plug and go on this one? I having some troubles with mine.
  10. I have recently installed this contribution got most of it to work too. amazing for me....new to php and all. Anyway I have a wierd problem that popped up . My header now shows my index.php file coding and then changed my index.php file to html. Is there a way to fix this or have I just done something wrong?
  11. mn2grafx


    Can I get your layout? lol I love the site listed on your post buttmunch. I too have been trying to get a comp site up and going. can you by any chance send me your catalog file zipped so I can take a look at how you did it? don't worry I won't steal your site. I just want to take a look at how you changed the look around in the coding. my site is: http://www.comteccustoms.com just click on the store link. Also have you gotten to work the custom computer contribution if so could ya let me know how ya did it I am getting a funky error...... My index.ph file turns into a html file and then shows at the top of my header?!?!?!?!?!?!? thanks
  12. please check out: to see what I am talking about someone please help
  13. anyone out there have this problem? If not help me solve it please. I need it to help take a store to online selling..........if you have had it but solved it let me know how it was done....because I am realy puzzled by it.
  14. Would it be possible to request the setup from someone via email? I have a very large email box :-) lol Seriously though could or would someone please email me the setup or even possibly the files for setup.....I would change all other info to match mine but no matter what I tried it always came up the same results. My email is mn2grafx@ameritech.net
  15. When I installed the program from start point to present version as a trouble shoot. I found that once I put the code into my english.php file it showed my code at the top of my store. What happened ? I know I must have done something wrong. I have replaced that file for now in hopes of finding out what I did. Everything else was there when I plugged into the browser addy bar the /catalog/build.php it took me to the configuration screens, but It still had the code above all my headers?!?!?!?!?