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  1. I've got a similar problem - nothing to do with the checkout_by_amazon.php contribution - I've just had to move a live site from php4 hosting to php5 hosting (and mysql5 as well). There were a number of glitches which I've managed to fix thanks to a tip on the tips and tricks forum ( - but I've now found that in the admin console nothing shows up for any of the modules - payment, shipping and order total. I can't understand what's happening, as all the required files are still there - there's just no way to read them from the admin console. So this is really a general call for help - does anyone know why these modules have disappeared, or what I can do to restore them? I'm using osCommerce 2.2-MS2. Any suggestions gratefully received!
  2. I would just like to add my thanks to perfectpassion and Vger for doing such an outstanding job on this contribution. I installed v2.4 in October last year. The payment module stopped working on 1st August but I wasn't aware of it - my client had gone on holiday and suspended online payments. However - he and I found out yesterday! Unable of course to get any response from Protx at the moment - I checked and found v4.4 and installed it and it works like a dream. Now all we have to do is get Protx to activate 3D secure at their end and we're laughing! Cheers, Simon
  3. Hi Tom - thanks for your reply. Sorry for posting the quote - I'm new to this.... <_< I take your point about using SSL, and I'll look into using Protx Direct. Are there any issues with using this, other than ensuring that the host offers curl? Does anyone currently use the Protx form module? I'll let you know what I go with in the end - once again - thanks for your help! Simon
  4. I've installed Protx Form Payment v1.09 and the fix for "success redirection error" and the protx "redirect to checkout process problem" - and I'm worried. The first time I install it, it works perfectly. After that, it seems to stop working - after successfully going through Protx I'm returned to various pages - sometimes the login page, most often the checkout_payment.php page, but at the Payment Information stage rather than the confirmation stage. The site is due to go live asap - and I've been pulling my hair out. Can anyone suggest what I might have missed? The fact that it does work once or twice before it stops working is particularly confusing. I'd appreciate any help or pointers you can give me.