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  1. I installed STS v4.1 on a fresh OSC compilation. Everything works fine, until now when I am trying to design a content template. My shop is centered and have a fixed width (955 px). The problem is that the product info page of the item that has the custom content template is much wider than the 955 px table limit. All the other products (ones with default template) display just fine within the set width of my webpage. I changed the table width in the content template to fit my existing website, but it didn't help at all, the width is still too wide and the alteration didn't seem to change anything. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Nevermind that! I figured out the solution, and made the IF statement for the empty cell working, if anyone wants the code I will post it :)
  3. I think I have a solution, and all that I need now is a way to find out the total number of products in this particular listing. Any help will be greatly appreciated
  4. I just noticed a major problem with my installation of this contribution. I set my column numbers to 4, displaying 4 products per row. When there aren't enough products to fill at least 1 row (in my case, less than 4 products for listing), there is a problem. For example: For 3 products Instead of displaying the 3 products each with 25% of the total width + an empty cell of 25% width, I am getting 3 products each occupying 33% of the total width. For 2 products: Each product occupying 50% of the total width. The above problem is making the product listing page very inconsistant. And I been trying to fix this problem without much succuss. In the product_listing_col.php, there is an IF statement that supposely adds empty cells around Line 236 if ($x == ($no_of_listings -1)) { //BOF version 2.2 modification // fill up the remainder of the table row with empty cells, assumes three products per row! for($column=1; $column < $colnum; $column++) { $list_box_contents[$row][$column + 1] = array('align' => 'center', //bof product listing with attributes 'valign' => $lc_valign, //eof product listing with attributes //2.2 modification ,add width in td 'params' => 'class="productListing-data" width="'.$tdsize.'%"', 'text' => ""); } And from what I have learnt so far, the above code can't be working correctly, because the condition will never be met because $x and $no_of_listings are never initialized and don't holds any values. I would really apprecaited it if someone can help me with this problem. Thanks in advance
  5. fixed! thanks again :)
  6. Great Contribution! I have it installed on a test store v2.2MS2 Update 051113 and it has been working great along with STS 4.1. I really like to Thank the Creator of this Wonderful Contribution, you have saved me soo much time digging through codes :) I did encounter 2 very minor problems with this contribution: 1. the 2nd and up rows had a different background than the first. (fixed it by removing the odd and even row background different in the stylesheet) 2. in Admin section, I see 3 rows of every setting this contribution adds, see the picture below for a better idea. And please dont shoot me if this was intended... :P