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  1. hello, I don't know if this has been discussed here, but I found an error in:


    includes/checkout/billing_address.php line 77 from the 1.2 package


    ?>class= "success_icon ui-icon-green ui-icon-circle-check" <? }else{?>


    I changed it to this.


    ?> <div class= "success_icon ui-icon-green ui-icon-circle-check" <?php }else{?>


    still testing, overall it's a great contribution.

  2. all I'm reading is that wpp doesn't not work with oscommerce and if you do get to work it will be against paypal's TOS, that's why they deleted all those posts and contribs, even zencart doesn't want to mess with it.


    well tomorrow I'm gonna call paypal and see if I can back out of wpp before they start charging.

  3. doesnt effect any core files, takes 3 minutes to install


    how does oscommerce's ipn interact with the customer and how does it show up in the admin section?


    does anyone have screenshots?


    I am only asking this because devosc's paypal ipn has a paypal transaction activity in the order detail page, I was just wondering if the new module does this as well.

  4. If you are experiencing problems withj PayPal niotifications and order completions, it is likely that it is with PayPal.  They had some major glitches earlier this week that are just now getting cleared up.  I had two orders on Oct 11th and the emaiils came in this morning.


    I had the same thing happen, but with a twist, for a while I was not receving ipn's but then all of a sudden I get a bunch and now when I click on a paypal order it shows me a different person's order.

  5. this contribution is not passing size values?


    for instance I just got an order after install paypal ipn 2.6a and it looks like this:


    1 x widget

    - :


    the "- :" should be something like this "- Size: Large"


    so if anyone has a fix for this, it would be much appreciated.