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  1. gdzilla

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hi i got the same problem, except that it's even more severe :s My shopping cart doesn't display the correct sub-total, my checkout_process also doesn't display the correct individual prices neither the sub-total ... how can i fix this? all id's welcome! greetz, zilla
  2. argh, stupid me, idd that was the problem, thx a lot tswalling
  3. Hi brenden, i've installed the BTS, great job btw it's realy usefull, but i've got a problem... I'm new @ osc so perhaps it's my own fault so don't laugh to hard ;) my problem: all works just fine on my local webserver but if I upload it to my main webserver i get an error... http://www.z-web.be/cc/shop/ --> link to the problem... I did change the configure files for mysql and so on.... any ideas ? greetz, zilla