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    Auto racing, muscle cars, canoeing, fishing, car modeling with my son, exploring & photographing nature, my Nikon D300 :)
  1. Thanks for the info :thumbsup:
  2. Is this contribution osC 2.3.3 friendly?
  3. Thank you Jack. I'll try that one and see how easily it adapts to 2.3.3.
  4. It's hiding from me real good because i still can't find it. :blush:
  5. Thanks Jack! I'll try searching again, I was unable before to find any other similar contributions but then again my mind isn't what it used to be. :wacko:
  6. It's been awhile since I deleted my MS2 and 2.3.3 installs (starting up again) but didn't the USPS shipping module have an option to include insurance for the orders? I'm not sure if other shipping modules include similar.
  7. I have a reguest/suggestion for adding a feature to the core osC package. The ability to seperate categories into different infoboxes. I have been stuggling to no avail with this contribution =,22 which was designed for MS2. I think it makes it neater and easier for customers to navigate a site which has many categories>sub-categories>sub-sub-categories. I had a very large product base with many, many unrelated categories which included sub-categories and sub-sub-categories. As an example of what I am talking about, take a look at this sites left categories column = Just a thought :-
  8. Thank you for your efforts Gary in creating and supplying the community with these great tutorials.
  9. Again thanks for the awesome tutorial Gary.
  10. partner

    Awesome Gary!!! Thank you for the tutorial. :beers: :thumbsup:
  11. I can't for the life of me figure out how to update this to work with osC 2.3.3 :( The need for the categories.php file throws me off. I just can't get me head around it. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated before I give up and delete my in the works new shop. I just can't believe that this add-on never made it to an updated version by now!
  12. Got yah... :thumbsup:
  13. Not sure if I am following this right or not, dang meds... :wacko: I recently downloaded a theme I created at the JQuery website, it loaded fine. I didn't like the colors of some of the button icons so I edited the proper little icons in Photoshop (recently deleted Fireworks :( ). I even created a few custom button colors. Just my useless 2 cents. (w00t)
  14. Thank you Jim. Don't bang your head against a wall on my part, I can live with it. Regards, This Jim :)
  15. @@kymation Sorry Jim... It's stubborn and still there.