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  1. I installed the Request for Quote (RFQ) shipping module. Question: The module lists the shipping price as $0.00 and therefore gets selected as the best shipping module. Is there a way to have the shipping module ignore $0.00 when it calculates the "best" shipping option? I tried this code (in classes/shipping.php) but it didn't work... $cheapest = false; for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($rates); $i<$n; $i++) { if (is_array($cheapest)) { if ($rates[$i]['cost'] < $cheapest['cost'] && $rates[$i]['cost'] > 0) { $cheapest = $rates[$i]; } } else { $cheapest = $rates[$i]; } }
  2. I have installed the RFQ shipping module. Unfortuneately, it sets the shipping amount to $0.00 and therefore, this method gets selected by default. Is there a way to make the shipping calculator skip shipping totals that equal 0.00 when determining the cheapest method. I tried the following code in includes/classes/shipping.php. My edits are in bold $cheapest = false; for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($rates); $i<$n; $i++) { if (is_array($cheapest)) { if ($rates[$i]['cost'] < $cheapest['cost'] && $rates[$i]['cost'] > 0) { $cheapest = $rates[$i]; } } else { $cheapest = $rates[$i]; } } return $cheapest;
  3. dbl07

    CanadaPost Shipping Module Obsolete?

    If you don't specify dimensions for the UPS module it just assumes a standard density (I think 0.7 kg/m^3) and figures out the dimensions from that. Hence why it is better to add dimensionality to the calculation for UPS. Perhaps CP works the same.
  4. dbl07

    CanadaPost Shipping Module Obsolete?

    I use the UPS shipping as well as CP. I know the UPS module uses dimensions, but I don't think the CP one does. I think CP works off of weight. I would try e-mailing the author of the CP module..... I assume you've read the README.TXT and it doesn't say whether or not it uses dimensions.
  5. Domestically, we want to ship orders under one pound with USPS Priority Mail only. Anything over that will be shipped with UPS. Internationally, we use USPS Global Priority for orders less than 3 pounds and dollar value less than $50. USPS Global Express for $50-$200, but not oversized. All others with UPS International Express. Is there a contribution that will allow me to do this? WorldZones perhaps? Has anyone tried this.
  6. dbl07

    Canada Post with dimensions

    I use the ip addrress and the port set to 30000. As far as I know, port 3000 is blocked at the address. Use 30000 is my suggestion.
  7. dbl07

    CanadaPost Shipping Module Obsolete?

    I have this module working. The rates aren't perfect, but they are close.
  8. I have the Separate pricing per Customer installed as well as the Featured Products module. My problem is that the Featured Products always shows the retail price. How do I modify Featured Products to show the proper prices?
  9. I get the following error when I get to the checkout_shipping.php page: United Parcel Service 110604: Invalid package declared value If you prefer to use ups as your shipping method ..... Does anybody know what this means and how to fix it?
  10. dbl07

    .sphp problem with cc module

    I am hosting my OSC at hostway.com and in order to make the sessions survive between the SSL and non-SSL pages I had to add a handler in .htaccess that reads as follows AddHandler ssl-php .sphp Action ssl-php /me/cgi-bin/php In addition, all pages viewed over SSL had to be renamed with a .sphp extention The problem is that the credit card module (cc.php) doesn't split the credit card number into an e-mail and a database entry (i.e. 4555xxxxxxxx5555). In fact, it stores nothing in the database and doesn't send the e-mail. What could be causing this?