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  1. Fixed. Thanks to webwrite (Jenny Gibson) and this thread. (miller time) dP
  2. Update. There are no fields to remove from the database - I didn't get that far. The Admin section died before I could run the module install. 'doh! Admin is still down. What the heck does FILENAME_LOGIN mean? dP
  3. Followed the installation for and after completion I was unable to login to the Admin. Basically I got a 404 error page and the URL changed to this: (Which is funny, because when you check out you don't get a session ID) Anyway, I get the same problem if I manually enter the url as below (without the session ID). I've begun uninstalling the Addon. I've gotten all of the new files out and the file updates undone. Still having a problem. There are fields in the database that need to be removed - I'm working on that next. Any ideas? dP
  4. This worked for me! (Just thought this deserved a bump) dP
  5. Has anyone gotten errors when your text file upload contains apostrophes in the Product Name and Product Description fields? I even did the That/'s thing, to no avail. Any suggestions? TIA Pete
  6. This one's frustrating. My products are available Mounted (regular price) and Unmounted (half price), set up as product attributes. When I modified my text file in Excel to set the Value price as a negative value (to get half price), Easy Populate also modified the Price Prefix also to be negative. It ends up adding the Value Price to the Regular Price, instead of subtracting. Is there any way I can force Easy Populate to not do anything to the Prefix field? Or is there a better solution to this? Thanks in advance!
  7. Was this ever resolved? I have the same problem with basic CC payment method, and I'm really up against a brick wall here for two days.