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  1. GsmCorner

    [Contribution] - Search Box Anywhere

    great contribution, i'd like to use this but i'm unsure how to get it to work with STS ?. any advice would be great. Thanks Tom
  2. GsmCorner

    [Contribution] More Category Boxes

    Hi, great contribution got it all working, works fine with STS. Just have 1 question. Is it possible to put an image in the box headers ? so its a background image where the writing can sit on it. Thanks Tom hayes
  3. GsmCorner

    Help needed with CCGV & paypal ipn

    I found that there is a fix for this problem at here : http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,282 but the fix doesn't sort anything for me ? anyhelp would be great. Thanks Tom hayes
  4. Hi all, I offer customers free delivery with their first order, i use CCGV to do this, I've now installed the osCommerce-PayPal_IPN to accept paypal payments. But when you go to checkout the customer still gets charged postage. Is there a way to fix this problem ? Would appreciate any help/advice. Regards Tom hayes
  5. Hi, i've been thinking of accepting paypal but am unsure if i should, i currently use Nochex to accept debit cards within the UK and not had any problems with them. only thing on my mind with paypal is charge-backs, can people get their money back if they pay using there account / credit-debit cards ? also, which paypal module would be best to use ? Thanks Tom hayes
  6. Hi, i found that price-break-1.11.2 contribution won't work with header tags controller. the problem is, that they both need the same lines changing in admin\includes\languages\english\categories.php are there any ways to get around this problem ? anyhelp would be great. Thanks Tom
  7. Hi, i just wondered if there is a shipping module for International Signed-For ? or how could i make 1 ? cheers Tom
  8. GsmCorner

    is there a Contribution for this ?

    thanks guys, downloaded the option_type_feature_v1.6 contribution, works perfect :) cheers Tom
  9. GsmCorner

    osC-CenterShop v2.2 for MS2

    any help would be great : ) cheers tom
  10. GsmCorner

    is there a Contribution for this ?

    hi mibble, would it be hard to do if i dont know much about it ? is there any guides or anything ? regards Tom
  11. GsmCorner

    is there a Contribution for this ?

    anyone ? please
  12. hi all, just installed osC-CenterShop v2.2 for MS2 but i get an error at the top where the banner is meant to be ? the error > HEADER_IMG_ALT could anyone help me on this please ? regards Tom
  13. hi all, just wondered if there is a contribution for this or any contribution i could edit to do this ? i wanted something like this, as seen on this picture.. can this be done, so its like a product ? any info would be great Regards Tom