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  1. hi osC boys and gals, i installed Ian's GV/CC contr. (awesome package, thanks ian and strider and everyone involved). but when i check out i got a "Fatal Error: undefined procedure call to use_credit_amount() blah blah" so what's wrong? i replaced several related files but still got the same error. i didn't really understand what to do w/ "folded" files during installation so all i did was to replace the existing file w/ given files. does it matter? or is my problem related to this? any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. i read all the posts here and in comparison my question is like an idiot. i couldn't find where to config the discount code, i.e. the actual string that user can enter. i'm looking for something like "freeshipingforaug" and post this to my customers so whenever they enter this string they'll receive freeshipping. but the only thing i can edit is the gift voucher and it doesn't look like let me make my own discount code. am i missing something here? thanks!