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  1. First things first: This is an awesome contrib. I can now hand over control and edit of a store to the owners without them having to know anything about HTML. But I have a small problem. The HTML Area field will only appear in the email.php and newsletter.php pages of the admin. We are using IE 6.0 (had to upgrade the machine in order to see the HTML Area field), and added the UltraPics contrib before the WYSIWYG contrib. So what we did was just write over the old (modded) files with your UltraPics + WYSIWYG modded files. This did not break any UltraPics compatibility, but has not been able to display the HTML Area in e.g. /admin/categories.php Any solution to this?
  2. Hullo! I have installed the Credit class and gift voucher system on a 2.2 MS2 build of OScommerce. I'm currently trying to make a cool gift coucher code entry system so you can use the GVcode in hand written letters, and printed gift certificates and such. But before that, I have to deal with a bug in the system. Is there any way to reject a gift voucher purchase? I mean, the only way to remove a gift voucher from the to-be-approved-queue is to redeem the voucher. But what if the payment never arrives? How can I remove the voucher then? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated...